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What's Up with My Chinese Name??

Lately, people have been asking me "What's Up with my Chinese name?"  So I figured I'd better send out this message in an attempt to clear the air.

From when I was born to all of my life up until now, my Chinese name has been 吴 振 宇 Wu Zhen Yu.   However, since I entered the entertainment industry in Asia almost nine years ago, people have always had a good laugh with that name because there is another Hong Kong actor named Francis Ng with a similar sounding name, 吴 镇 宇. Here's a picture of Francis:

Actually, the first movie I ever did entitled "逆 我 着 死 Never Compromise" was even with Francis.  We had a good laugh about how our similar Chinese names. 

Although I heard that Francis's Chinese name is really a stage name and not his birthname,  he has definitely made this name his own.   He's firmly established himself as one of the most respectable and hardworking actors in the Hong Kong movie industry...and all of Asia for that matter. 

For years, I've had people tell me to go change my Chinese name because everyone is always getting confused and mixing me up with Francis.  Now that I have decided to finally make a "push" into the vast China market, I have ultimately decided to officially change my Chinese name to吴 振 天Wu Zhen Tian.  Therefore, I have adopted this so-called stage name for my future endeavors here in China and in Chinese media. 

I must admit I am not the most superstitious person, but one of my longtime friends wanted to check and ask a fortuneteller.  Fortunately, the name seems to be "auspicious" enough so I've decided to stick with it and see where I go...or where it takes me. 

Hopefully, this helps clear up some of the confusion regarding my Chinese name, and you won't have to worry about wondering which actor is it really with the same Chinese name!  Of course, there's always the possibility that I'm making this matter even more complicated, but I do hope one day that it does simplify everything.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

At the very least, I don't know anyone in the entertainment industry with my English name (yet) so I can still hold on to that one! 

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haha, nice story, reminds me how everytime I study in China, everybody wanna give me a chinese name coz they can't pronlunce my name ( Raul) But I just tell them if they change my name, I wont look back when they call me, coz I am not used to be called in any other way lol
over 11 years ago
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huh? you changed your name? you ain't proud of the name mama chose for you? It's a great name... who cares if some famous actor has a name that sounds almost similar? Stick to your guns... am I making sense? Be proud of your own name and live up to it. No need for change... be ORIGINAL...*lol
over 11 years ago
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what does your mom think?
over 11 years ago
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Lol... As always, Wu Zheng Yu... Made me recall how I remember your name... Was it Francis name that I remember first or was it vice versa... Hmmm... Im sure Wu Zheng Yu sounds better than Wu Zheng Tian... Ha... Ok nvm, just go back to Allan Wu then...
over 11 years ago
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So u change yr name? Hmmmnnn.... Not used to it.... Wu Zheng Yu sounds... better? Maybe its a matter of familiarity w it... Well... Maybe u shldn't change it... Lotsa ppl have e same name... jus tat yrs happen to be v v similar with a HK actor...
over 11 years ago
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hmm, didnt know about this! cool.
over 11 years ago
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Bit late to comment but before when I was studying in Xiamen, I met a Taiwanese who, except for the surname (李) , shared the same name as me (仁傑/杰)。My surname is 呂。
about 9 years ago


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