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Welcome to alive not dead!

We hope that everyone here enjoys their experience using alive not dead, to connect with friends, find out what is going on with their favorite artists, and even develop their own creativity.  It is our hope that alive not dead will provide a valuable resource to both artists and fans alike.

There are three main purposes for this site blog:

First, it will serve as the news source for new and interesting content that comes to the site.  Aside from those things highlighted on our home page, we will also post up here when we have added new featured artists or if there is some new information which should be brought to your attention.

Second, we will post up any new updates and upgrades which are developed for the website.  Whenever a new widget or doohickey is added to the website to enhance the user experience, we'll post up a blog so that you can know all the details.

And third, as you know a newly formed website such as this is bound to have a few glitches here and there.  As such, we are working day and night to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.  Whenever we have solved a problem, addressed an issue or fixed a bug, we will post them here.  Likewise, if we discover a new problem that you should be aware of, we'll post it up as well.

Once again, we would like to welcome you to alive not dead.  We're very happy with the work we're doing and the mission that we're on (you can read more about it in our about us page) and we hope that you have an enjoyable, entertaining and fulfilling experience using our website.


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Everything scatters here; it is so easy to get lost.
about 13 years ago
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Great website! Hope Maggie Q gets added here.. she is absolutely gorgeous!!
about 13 years ago
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thank you for making this alivenotdead so cool i'll use it well
about 13 years ago
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It's a good website!
almost 13 years ago


Hi, I am Admin Bear and this is the alivenotdead.com company blog. hi,我是小編熊仔,這是 alivenotdead.com 公司的博客

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