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The site-wide header primer

Across the top of every page on alive not dead you will see our site-wide header.  This area includes the site logo and name, a search field, and a row of site-wide navigation buttons.

The logo and name, when clicked will always bring you back to the front entry page for alive not dead.

This, oddly enough, is also where the first button in the navigation will take you ... "home".  (We spent a good 3 hours figuring out a name for that button.)

The second button "artists" takes you to a page listing out all the featured artists on alive not dead.  If you click on their pictures you can go straight to their profile and learn who they are, what they do and what they've been up to.  You can even become their fan if you so desire.  Go ahead ... they won't bite  (... hard).

Assuming you are logged in (you ARE logged in, right?) the next button you should see is "my profile" which will take you, appropriately enough, to your profile page.  From there you can blog, manage your photo albums, send messages to friends, check your guestbook, and much more.

After that the next button is "settings" which will allow you to modify all the settings on your page, from your profile picture all the way down to what books you like to read.  It's all just a click away.

Then you will see the "new entry" button.  This allows you a quick way to add a blog entry whenever you want.  Just hit the button and you can start ranting about the movie you just watched, or write several paragraphs praising the restaurant you ate at for lunch.

Now, if you weren't logged in, the the buttons you saw were "login" (which I hope I don't need to explain to you by now) and "register", which you have hopefully already done.  If not ... go there now!

Finally you will see two more buttons.  The first is "forums" which takes you to our community forums where you can discuss things with our other members.

And after that is "help" where you can get more information about how this site operates and how to deal with various questions or problems you might run across.

Finally, if you're still logged in, there will be a "logout" button at the end.  Be sure to logout whenever you are leaving alive not dead to preserve your account security!

On top of the site-wide header you'll see a search field.  You can enter in whatever name or topic you want to search for and select from either "users", "entries" or "forums" to search those areas for that term. 

You will also notice a small button on the upper right side.  It is a drop down that allows you to select three different language formats on the site: english, simplified chinese and traditional chinese.

And that's pretty much how the site-wide header works.  Enjoy checking out various parts of the site and explore away!

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