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More Featured Artists to Introduce!

It's been a few weeks since the last introduction to our new featured artists so I thought it would be good to show you some of the new folks that have graced our community of artists.

(If you didn't see my last artist introduction, click here.)

Eddie a.k.a. DorYuk


A music producer/composer who's day job keeps him involved with a large number of the commercials you've seen on TV, in the evenings he is a member and producer for 24 Herbs, one of the freshest hip-hop groups to ever come out of Hong Kong

Eugenia Yuan


A former member of the U.S. National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, Eugenia eventually followed her passion for acting and has made a name for herself in some of the most critically acclaimed films of the last decade.  Preferring edgier, indie work over more commercial fare, Eugenia is always working to challenge herself and enjoy life.

Far*East Movement


They've built up a great reputation as one of the funnest, freshest hip-hop acts around. They've been featured in films and have toured throughout asia, south america and more.  Check out their extensive video collection and listen to the sounds of this great group of musicians.

Mr. Hippo


Mr. Hippo (as he's affectionately known), is the head-slinging, beard growing, bass thumping member of Hong Kong's very own Qiu Hong.  Be sure to check out the new Qiu Hong video on his page too!

Wu Di


Not only has Wu Di sang on TV in China and is a member of a leading breakdance group in Beijing, his main job is actually as a professional wushu athlete.  The captain of the Beijing Wushu Team, Wu Di is gearing up for a year of competitions and demonstrations.

Jan Lo


Jan is the lead vocalist and front-man for the band, Qiu Hong.  Somewhat shy in person, on stage he is a dynamic performer that gets the crowd pumped up.



Probably one of the most famous asian emcees in the West, Jin has made a name for himself as an innovator and collaborator with some of the best in the business.  His latest project is a completely cantonese-language album released in the U.S.!

Kevin Li


The mo-hawk sporting dummer for Hardpack, Kevin is a bundle of energy and a super-nice guy.  He's also got one of the most impressive displays of body art around!

King LyChee


You might not be familiar with this passionate hard-core punk band, but they've been tearing up the scene in Hong Kong for over 7 years.  On-stage they are a force to be reckoned with.

Kit Hui


An up-and-coming director from Hong Kong, Kit's work has been featured at Sundance and Cannes.  Recently delving into music video directing, Kit is gearing up for some big projects in the future.

Li Tong


Originally from the Netherlands, Li Tong currently resides in Shanghai, China where she is developing her skills as an actor, performer and singer.  An experienced vocalist, Li Tong brings a special quality to every project she is involved with.

My Love Puzzle


One of the up-and-coming bands in mainland China, My Love Puzzle resides in Beijing where they bring their unique sound and message to the masses.

Nigel Ong


An active member of the Hong Kong X-Games Federation and a professional skateboarder, Nigel Ong is working hard to bring an awareness and respectability to a new generation of sports.

Robert Vicencio


Best known for his critically acclaimed run as 'General Thuy' in MISS SAIGON, Robert is an accomplished singer and performer.  Currently residing in Shanghai, he is working to help develop a new generation of musical theater in mainland China.

Shepherds the Weak www.alivenotdead.com/?shepherds

Formerly known as 'Milk & Cookies', STW has been one of the indie music forces in Hong Kong since 2001.



An accomplished journalist, artist and writer with over 30 years of professional experience, SiuButDim has a unique perspective which expresses itself through her writing.  Many people in Hong Kong grew up reading her articles and now she lends her expertise to a new generation of artists.

Tung Tung


A well-liked actress with several television dramas under her belt, Tung Tung is also a versitile performer and singer.  Be sure to check out her mp3's on her profile page and find out what this fun, dynamic woman is up to!

And, that's it for this time around. We're busy adding lots of new artists every day and working to improve the website as quickly as possible.  So go to these artists' pages, introduce yourself and give them a "what-what".

Until next time ... I'm Admin Bear ...

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