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HK Indie Film - Love Stalk Premiere

We are always happy to support indie film, especially when AnD artists are directly involved.  Next week "Love Stalk" premieres on the big screen in Hong Kong with a special screening November 15th at Sky Cinema in Olympian City.  The film is directed by Joe Fiorello, and the cast includes AnD  artists Ines Laimins and Angie Palmer.

Limited tickets available for purchase here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/love-stalk-hong-kong-premiere-screening-tickets-29014713790

The trailer can be seen here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN_n98TZyKA

Synopsis of the film is below -

Love Stalk 愛‧打卡

A career girl in Hong Kong pursues her dream guy online and in person only to find out the dangers of stalking a secret crush.  Starring Dada Lo and Ronan Pak, alongside indie film actresses Angie Palmer and Ines Laimins, Love Stalk 愛‧打卡 is a romantic thriller about dating in the age of social media addiction, where the lines between normal interaction and cyberstalking have become severely blurred.  The film is the first Cantonese language, feature length project directed and co-written by Joe Fiorello, an Italian-American filmmaker from New York and Alive Not Dead official artist.  Having world premiered in the United Kingdom, Love Stalk 愛‧打卡 returns back home to Hong Kong for it's premiere cinema screening at The Sky Cinema on November 15th.

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