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FILMART China Daily Roundtable Summit Coverage!

Thanks to our friends at the China Daily Hong Kong for inviting us to their Roundtable Summit on “Sino-Foreign Co-produced Films Summit”  at FILMART last week!  We wanted to share a bit of coverage from he event for those who couldn't make it. -

Film industry elite gather for China Daily Film Summit
To Define Sino-Foreign Film “Co-Production 3.0 Era”
MARCH 16, 2017, HONG KONG: More than 250 delegates from the movie industry around the world attended the China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable Panel on “Sino-Foreign Co-produced Films Summit” from 10:30am to 12:30pm at FILMART. We are delighted to work with Hong Kong Trade Development Council again as Media Partner for FILMART 2017 for the fifth consecutive year.

Sino-Foreign co-productions had bolstered China’s box office more than three-fold between 2010 and 2016. Last year alone, 8 out of 10 top-grossing films on the Chinese mainland were co-productions, including “The Mermaid”, which netted more than 3.3 billion yuan (US$480 million). Recent notable co-productions included “The Great Wall” and “Kung Fu Yoga”. China has co-production agreements with more than 13 countries and regions so far, and the number is rising. As the nation’s movie industry continues to grow rapidly on the back of collaboration in capital, content, talent and distribution, the role of Sino-Foreign co-productions in the global film market calls for a deep analysis.

Mr. Raymond YIP, Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council welcomed the distinguished speakers from across Asia by pointing out that with the passing of the “Film Industry Promotion Law” by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress last November, it indicates China’s intense focus on the development of a vibrant and structured local film industry. The steady growth of the film business on the mainland in the long run will certainly benefit more Sino-Foreign co-productions。
China Daily is delighted to have had ten distinguished speakers including Mr. Teddy CHEN, Famous Hong Kong Film Director; Mr. William FENG, Head of Greater China and Vice-President of Asia Pacific, The Motion Picture Association (MPA); Ms. Amy LIU, Partner, EntGroup; Mr. CT YIP, Executive Director, Media Asia Group Holdings Limited & CEO, Lai Sun Group; Mr. YA Ning, Senior Vice-President, iQIYI and CEO, iQIYI Motion Pictures; Mr. CHEN Yiqi, Chairman, Sil-Metropole  Organisation Ltd; Ms. Ann AN, Chairman, Desen International Media; Mr. Dagan POTTER, Production Lead, Oriental Dreamworks; Mr. William PFEIFFER, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Globalgate Entertainment and Dr. MA Runsheng, Former President, China Radio, Film and Television Program Exchange Center & Vice President, China Television Drama Production Industry Association. They analyzed the opportunities and challenges for China’s movie business in the coming years, and how industry players can make the most out of such co-operation in the “co-production 3.0 era”.

Mr. Teddy CHEN shared his view on the topic, “today there's no such thing as a pure Mainland film, Hong Kong film or Taiwan film. They have integrated with one another already.”

Mr. William FENG mentioned that China's cooperation with the western in film making will be more and more, not only through co-production but also by general cooperation based on local production. For Chinese films to go out, we need to improve our story telling skills to allow the world to understand Chinese stories.

Ms. Amy LIU expressed that the development potential for China's co-production film market is huge as the number of Chinese people's average times on watching films is still quite low currently, despite the rapid sales growth in box office in Chinese mainland.

Mr. CT YIP pointed out that Film industry in Chinese mainland has been developing fast, especially including the development of internet ticketing and distribution platforms. And films are the crystallisation of humans' thoughts and creation, so people in the industry need to keep learning, observing and changing to meet the challenges.

Mr. YA Ning stressed that It takes time for us to figure out how to promote the Chinese films to the US and overseas markets and to adapt our productions to suit overseas audience's viewing habits.

Mr. CHEN Yiqi said diversity of co-production should be explored and encouraged. China can invest in US films and the other way around, and US filmmakers can also remake Chinese films and vice versa.

Ms. Ann AN highlighted that mastery of Hollywood's production skills and camera language is one of the preconditions to successfully export Chinese culture.

Mr. Dagan POTTER said that we had a distinctive advantage of having a China-based crew, as well as Los Angeles-based crew. The collaboration between these two groups could bring unique ideas and visions to our process.

Mr. William PFEIFFER expressed that the lines will be more blurry when it comes to co-production. Globalization is inevitable and technology is key to solve problems in co-production. Someday, actors will be able speak their language and the translated words just come out.

Dr. MA Runsheng stressed that Sino-foreign co-produced film is a great attempt for Chinese culture to go out and international advanced culture to enter China, but great co-production piece has not born yet. This is the current reality.

-- Ends –

Co-organized with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council for the fifth consecutive year, China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable held a panel at FILMART on “Sino-Foreign Co-produced Films Summit” on March 16.

Delegates at the summit listening to speakers’ comments on Sino-Foreign Co-produced Films.

Distinguished speakers analyzing the opportunities and challenges for China’s movie business in the coming years, and how industry players can make the most out of such co-operation in the “co-production 3.0 era”.

About China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable

China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable is a by-invitation network of movers and shakers in Asia providing platforms for focused dialogue, issue investigation, and possible collective action on strategic issues relating to economic, business and social development in Asia. Our aim is to enhance communication and increase mutual understanding between China, Asian and Western countries. Roundtable events are held in major cities across Asia.


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