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Thank You’s!

Alivenotdead.com would not be possible without the help of many people along the way.  We are very grateful to everyone who has contributed to our music, MV’s, and our website.  We could not have done this without you!

Davy BigFly!  Our producer!  The man with the music vision and the one who makes us sound good.   Thank you for sharing your gift with us!  You rock!

Patrick!  For keeping us in tune with Davy’s melodies!

Simon Li:  Your mixes rock!  And your vibe and conversation are even better!

Wing Shya!  For the beautiful photos you took and your gift for making old farts look cool.  Your pics are the color and life of this website!  You’re the best!

William Cheung Suk-Ping:  Your impeccable sense of style has no equal!

K.S Fu:  The baddest MV director from Taiwan meets us crazy H.K boys half way.  We really appreciate your help!

Terry:  We meet again!  You are just as cool this time around!

City of Kaoshiong:   Thank you for bringing us over to film our MV’s!  You have a beautiful city!

Geoff Tsui:  Our website designer and friend.  We appreciate all of your wonderful designs and look forward to building Alive with you!

Sean Lee:  Thanks for taking us on the last minute!  You are the machine against our rage!

Rachel Chan:  You really did make Alive possible with your help.  We cannot say thank you enough!

Sam Ho:  Thank you for guiding us with experience through our conversations!

Dave Lee:  You are a wealth of information!  Thanks for sharing!

Willie Chan:  For giving us the chance to run with our crazy ideas!

Solon and Steven:  For your time, attention, and your continual support!

Teresa and Winnie:  J.C’s finest!  For keeping your boys out of trouble!

Fibe, Antonio, Peco, Jennifer, Patsy:  For all of your timely support!

Tony Ho:  The Man with the smoothest moves! You are the reason why we look good on stage!!

Marcus Savage:  For your energy and for your timely advice!

Patrick Lee:  For having faith in us to do good things.  We won’t let you down!

Tony Chang:  T’s Bitch!  For your help and enthusiasm from the very beginning!  You are a real friend!

Happy:  For helping us get our message across in Taiwan!

Special Thanks to JVC, Boots, and Mona Lisa:   Our collaborations have taken Alive and alivenotdead.com up to this point. It was a real pleasure working with you all and we appreciate your support.

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