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People seemed to enjoy the last posting of old alive stuff, so here's another one!

This is from Monday Magazine, also from 2006.  Please zoom in on the picture to see the larger version.

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Alive in East Touch Magazine(April 28, 2006)

Wow, its been a while since the alive page here on has been updated!  that's probably because 'alive' no longer exists as a separate entity (but of course the spirit lives on in everything does!)

But recently one of the team members was scanning some old press clippings and thought it'd be a good idea to share it here with everyone.  Here's one from East Touch Magazine v69 from 2006:

We have some more scans of old press,  we'll try to post it once in a while for you guys.

TRANSLATION COURTESY OFbleupluie:Alive – officially formed in mid '05 by 4 handsome guys: Daniel Wu, Conroy Chan, Andrew Lin and Terence Yin (Yes, a few years back, Conroy was a handsome guy with a model's built).

Ever since Day 1, Alive was obviously on track to becoming an idol boy band. Title number “Adam’s Choice” was a typical Hong Kong style Karaoke song (K-song). On stage, 4 handsome guys in their thirties perform with their inconsistent choreography, obviously trying to get through it with their faces more than their songs, trying their best as idols.

While all media and music fans assume Daniel and 3 of his not-so-famous pals are dreaming to become singers, trying to cross-over from acting, in reality, it was all an act.

Roughly 3 years ago, Andrew suddenly had a strange idea: to shoot a film about a boy band entering the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Daniel immediately responded, but in view of (making the film) too much a "Wong Jing-style" with fabricated roles, he suggested to form a boy band, to easily blend in the characters, and to be more persuasive. Since then, Alive spent 2 years shooting their daily lives and working conditions, which was finally edited into the film "The Heavenly Kings".

Alive's wish to illustrate the current lopsided phenomenon of Hong Kong entertainment and media through their film may have been good intention, but due to suspected involvement in "misguiding reporters", the media's response was massive, and they even started boycotting (Alive). However, the media's negative reports also created an increase curiosity in the public, thus the film was the talk of the town even before its premiere.

The 2 year old hoax was exposed once the film hit the theater, but Alive expressed that they will not disband just like that, they may one day return in another manner. However, they have offended the media, will their once so overwhelming publicity reappear? Without the support from the media, can Alive still remain unbeatable as their motto "Alive not dead"?

  1. Alive was official formed on August 2005, marking their crucial step for the movie and hoax.

  2. To act it all out, Alive performed on some stage shows, including major music showcases in Taiwan and Shanghai, which could accommodate tens of thousands audiences.

  3. Without a record label, Alive released all music and news on their website, including boycotting Disneyland last year (2005) and this year's (2006) internal quarrel.

  4. After their performance road show, Alive returned to Hong Kong to attend a Christmas event. The normally stylish Alive guys put on Santa hats and even took off their coats. It's not easy being a Hong Kong singer!

  5. Lee Sheung Yee (David), the celebrity stylist who resembles Ron Ng, cameo appeared and self-created hilarious dialogs such as “Alive is all about love”. His lively performance was a breakthrough; he should thoroughly consider returning to the front stage. (David used to be an actor; acted in over 20 films, including “From The Queen To The Chief Executive (2001)”).

D : Daniel Wu   C : Conroy Chan   A : Andrew Lin   T : Terence Yin

Real or Fiction

Alive was a product of “The Heavenly Kings”. 4 members + a few staff workers kept this secret for more than 2 years, Daniel even lied to the reporters for publicity without hesitation, rumored to be on bad terms with Terence earlier on, cursing each other......all of these just to promote Alive and the film. But in between, how much were true and how much were fake? Those who were involved couldn’t even tell, believe it or not, you decide.

T:   We did not start filming this after we formed Alive, we wanted to film about the music industry, so we thought of using Alive(as a platform) to personally illustrate this.

C:   Andrew was the one to come out with this idea in the first place, but if we were to shoot just like that, we fear that it will become some sort of a Wong Jing’s film, so Daniel thought why not just form a band. We’re not trying to critic anybody, but we just wanted to use Alive’s story, and get other artists to share their experiences.

D:   Many people ask how much is real? Actually there are some truths and some false, it’s also hard for us to differentiate.

A:   Most of what happened was real, but we just exaggerated to make the film more dramatic.

D:   We chose to be singers because the music industry can reflect the film industry, even the whole entertainment industry.

C:   We chose not to explore the paparazzi, because there’s no point to talk about it, we want the music industry to improve, not the paparazzi to improve. Furthermore, the paparazzi are too messed up; this should be under the control of the government and the media.

D:   The Hong Kong music industry is too commercialized now, label owners will not let the singers choose their own music style, and the same goes to films. Just take for instance the film I produced earlier on, “Night Corridor”, the film production company wished to add explosion and action scenes, I felt it was very strange.

T:   A few years ago when I was a singer in Taiwan, I had some unhappy experiences. My image and my music style were 2 different things, which made me very uncomfortable. In the end, everything ended badly with the music label.

D:   Something is really wrong with the music industry now; they do not promote singers as individuals, which is why we hope to express this through the film.

Base Layer

In “The Heavenly Kings”, there was a scene where Terence blamed Andrew for being selfish, forming Alive because “Daniel’s famous, I (Terence)know how to sing, and Conroy can lay the base.” But in actual when we talk about popularity, all of them are on the same par except for Daniel; so who is laying whose base, that is hard to tell.D:   Everybody thought Conroy wasn’t involved in showbiz these few years, so we purposely planned this dialog, because all along, this was still a film, a film needs dramatic plots. If we only show what’s real, that’s gonna be dull. We wish to twist everybody’s character and public image around, just to make everybody more absorbed.

A:   Even if we really think that way, we won’t normally express it.

T:   If we really had such thoughts, Alive would not be as united as we are right now.

C:   While we were shooting for our posters at Central, we initially wore robes. When I took off the robe, I heard somebody said, “That’s disgusting!” and when the others took off their robes, “Nice! But this guy is a bit fat!” Maybe I am the base layer, haha!

D:   Talking about shooting our posters, actually we wanna bring out something we’re puzzled with. Normally when we go for a show at the Hong Kong Coliseum, their outfits are really flashy and flaunty, but if you take those outfits out from the Coliseum, it’s really hilarious.


To promote and ‘explore’ the artist-media relationship, Alive made up a story to misguide reporters last year, and even showed the whole process in the film, making audiences burst in laughter, but the reporter involved shed tears on the spot. After the incident, part of the media started boycotting (Alive), but Alive insists that they will not apologize, because they feel that they have not done anything wrong.

D:   This is not betrayal; we just wanna show how a bunch of desperate people try to strive out of bounds, show that this entertainment news system really has a problem. Actually, the reporters aren’t the only ones who are lying usually, many artists do the same too, I just wanna expose this point. But I think they (the reporters) are very narrow-minded, you have been planting jokes for others all this while, I’m just doing this for a good purpose. We definitely feel that there is no need to apologize, because we have done our best to protect that reporter, but she exposed her own identity.

A:   From the beginning till the end, we are just using a film to describe the real side of the entertainment industry, not to judge something.

D:   Now they’re starting to make things up, I believe there will be crazier stuffs next time. Actually they’re so defensive to this extent that it’s not solving the issue, it’s making it worse.

T:   In foreign countries there are many tabloids,but they’re not main stream, unfortunately in Hong Kong, they are. For someone with higher education or majored in journalism, they may be able to differentiate, but the general public will think it’s true. The message we are trying to deliver through our film is for the audience to understand that entertainment news are mere entertainment, there are true and false, as long as the audience know to think about it next time after seeing (one).

A:   The media became offensive now because they feel that they lost this power.

After Alive

Quarrel, affair, picking up girls……all these boosted Terence’s popularity, his frequent appearances on newspapers and magazines this past month was the sum of (his appearance) the past few years, making him benefit the most out of this. But the film had finally hit theaters just recently,earning a mere HKD80, 000 on its opening day, compared to recent publicity tactics, box office outcome is barely satisfactory. After the film, will Alive continue to exist, or have they arrived at the end of the road?

C:   Nobody can expect what will happen to us, but there should be no “The Heavenly Kings 2”, because we don’t think we wanna repeat ourselves.

D:   We will keep this group, but maybe we’ll do something else, for instance shooting short films or start a band. Even though the media misunderstood us, but we will carry on, because Alive and the crew have great understanding with each other, all of us want to keep this group. As for the next step, we haven’t decided on what to do, because the past couple of years have been pretty hard.

T:   We are sure to bring something up, for example adding different features in the website, let people upload their own work. As for Alive and my image, I believe it’s hard to change, and there’s no need to change.

D:   Actually Terence’s playboy image is more or less over-exaggerated by the media. As for us being labeled by the media, this is harder to control, same goes to the Four Heavenly Kings back in the days,they also didn’t like being addressed that way!

C:   Last time, idol singers had to be really well-behaved, that’s actually very boring and full of bullshit, everybody knows that’s all made up, we Alive have a real side, so we wouldn’t care.

Be Happy

In the film “The Heavenly Kings”, Alive was involved in some work in order to raise money for production and publicity, including a bridal commercial. While shooting, every Alive members had a female companion.To create a sweet atmosphere, the photographers kept on reminding them to “be happy”. In the film segment while resting, Daniel cursed, “Be happy, be happy! F*** you! I know how to smile ok!”

Those who watched the film will understand that this is only part of the plot, but in reality, as a reporter or photographer, when we encounter expressionless artists, we really have to constantly remind them to “be happy”.

Take for instance, while shooting the photos for this interview, the photographer hopes to get every Alive members to show their overjoyed expression, but maybe they were too tired, or perhaps they were looking after their images, so there were times they forgot to smile, and one of the staff offhandedly reminded them to “be happy”. Once said, Alive immediately snickered. The staff asked whether they were cursing in silent.Even though they denied, but guess this bunch of liars may have cursed more than a 100 times, perhaps this segment had been secretly filmed, and may even be shown on “The Heavenly Kings 2” (although Alive said they have no intention to shoot a sequel).

Once bitten by a snake, you’ll fear even straw ropes for 10 years (Chinese Proverb, a burnt child dreads the fire), nowadays it’s hard to be a celebrity, but actually it’s even harder as a reporter. : | Wow, its been a while since the alive page here on has been updated!  that's probably because 'alive' no longer exists as a separate entity (but of course the spirit lives on in everything does!)

But recently one of the team members was scanning some old press clippings and thought it'd be a good idea to share it here with everyone.  Here's one from East Touch Magazine v69 from 2006:

We have some more scans of old press,  we'll try to post it once in a while for you guys.

                                            |                       Wow, its been a while since the alive page here on has been updated!  that's probably because 'alive' no longer exists as a separate entity (but of course the spirit lives on in everything does!)

But recently one of the team members was scanning some old press clippings and thought it'd be a good idea to share it here with everyone.  Here's one from East Touch Magazine v69 from 2006:

We have some more scans of old press,  we'll try to post it once in a while for you guys.

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Alive in Hawaii! | Alive在夏威夷! |

The Alive Boys are headed to Hawaii! 

The long awaited screening of The Heavenly Kings at Hawaii International Film Festival is near!  The boys (minus Terence who is still in China filming his new series) will be heading across the Pacific to Honolulu in preparation for the screening.  Here is the info from the Film Festival's Program:

Don't forget that Blood Brothers is screening on the 20th and Finishing the Game is also screening on the 23rd!

If you are in Hawaii or have friends in Honolulu, please help get the word out!   Most of the boys (minus Admin Bear who can't get a visa right now) will be there too along with the AnD Hawaii Contest winner, Link.



ps - we just added another old school Alive video to the profile player, check it out.

期待已久的 《四大天王》在 夏威夷國際電影節放映的時間不斷臨近!男孩們(除了子維還在中國拍攝新的電視劇)將飛越太平洋到火奴魯魯為放映做準備。


別忘了 《天堂口》20日放映, 《四大天王》23日放映!






期待已久的 《四大天王》在 夏威夷国际电影节放映的时间不断临近!男孩们(除了子维还在中国拍摄新的电视剧)将飞越太平洋到火奴鲁鲁为放映做准备。


别忘了 《天堂口》20日放映, 《四大天王》23日放映!




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Update on Hawaii Contest and Film Festival | 夏威夷比賽和電影節的最新消息 | 夏威夷比赛和电影节的最新消息

Alive Fans:  We have a news update for you!  Two things:

1) Due to popular demand, the deadline has been extended for the Hawaii Contest to September 25th. 

The Contest's Grand Prize is a FREE trip to Hawaii to join Alive and the FTG cast at the Hawaii International Film Festival!  Second prize is autographed THK and FTG posters, DVDs and T-shirts!

So be sure to REGISTER for the contest, and don't forget that you can improve your chances to win a prize by inviting your friends to join the site.

2) The date for the Blood Brothers screening at the Hawaii Film Festival has been changed:

 October 20 - Blood Brothers  October 22 - The Heavenly Kings  October 23 - Finishing the Game More details about the festival here:  


|  Alive粉絲:我們有新消息!兩件事:

1)應廣大會員要求,我們 延長了夏威夷比賽的截止日期:9月25日。

    比賽的 大獎是免費飛往夏威夷、跟AliveFTG演員們一起參加夏威夷國際電影節!第二    名獎品是《四大天王》和《Finishing the Game》的簽名海報、DVD和T恤!

     趕緊 參加比賽,別忘了你還能通過 邀請朋友在網站註冊,增加贏得大獎的機會!


        10月20日-《天堂口》         10月22日-《四大天王》         10月23日-《Finishing the Game》


-Etchy|  Alive粉丝:我们有新消息!两件事:

1)应广大会员要求,我们 延长了夏威夷比赛的截止日期:9月25日。

    比赛的 大奖是免费飞往夏威夷、跟AliveFTG演员们一起参加夏威夷国际电影节!第二名奖品是《四大天王》和《Finishing the Game》的签名海报、DVD和T恤![if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

[endif]    赶紧 参加比赛,别忘了你还能通过 邀请朋友在网站注册,增加赢得大奖的机会!2)《天堂口》在电影节的放映时间有变动:

        10月20日-《天堂口》         10月22日-《四大天王》         10月23日-《Finishing the Game》


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hawaii - nine days left! | 去夏威夷-只剩9天!

Looks like we've finally got some details about Hawaii.  Remember, the drawing for the contest is on Thursday, September 20th!!  So that's only 9 more days!

The schedule of films will be:

    October 21 - Blood Brothers

    October 22 - The Heavenly Kings

    October 23 - Finishing the Game

So, the winner will fly to Hawaii and stay from October 21 through 24. 

More details about the festival here (ya, we know they don't mention BB or THK):

If you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting for?  And if you have, don't forget that you can earn more entries into the contest by using the friend finder to invite your friends to join the site.

Good luck!! 


|  為各位更新一下”去夏威夷參加電影節”比賽的更多細節。請記住,抽獎時間是9月20日星期四!!所以只剩下9天時間了!


10月21日《天堂口》 10月22日《四大天王》 10月23日《Finishing the Game》



 如果你還沒有參加比賽, 那還在等什麽?如果你已經參加,別忘了通過 搜索並邀請好友到網站註冊,每邀請一個朋友能多得到一張抽獎券。


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[alive not dead] wants to take you to hawaii!


Contest Rules

*To be eligible to participate, user (and guest) must have proper passport and visa documents to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. [ALIVE NOT DEAD] is not responsible for assistance with travel visas. *Eligible Users can enter the contest by inviting friends to register on Signing up for the contest receives one entry into our drawing. For each new user you invite using the invitation URL or email provided by our Find Friends page that registers as a new member, you will receive one addition entry in the drawing. *By entering the contest, you will automatically become a "fan of" the FTG and THK groups, artists, & contest sponsors. This includes but is not limited to: FTG, Justin Lin, Roger Fan, Sung Kang, James Franco, Leonardo Nam, Parry Shen, Bernardo Pena, Mousa Kraish, McCaleb Burnett, Far East Movement, Jason Tobin, Alive, Daniel Wu, Andrew Lin, Conroy Chan, Terence Yin, Kim Chan, and Phat Chan. *The drawing will be held on September 20th, 2007. One winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries in the drawing. [ALIVE NOT DEAD] will then review all of the winner's "invited friends" to make sure they are all legitimate entries. If we feel that any of the entries have been faked (ie. the user was cheating), we will disqualify the user and select another winner. Decisions of the contest judges are final. *The contest is open to any [ALIVE NOT DEAD] user over the age of 18 (or the age of majority in user's area of residence). Full-time or paid employees of [ALIVE NOT DEAD], contest sponsors, their respective affiliates and associates and such employees' immediate family members and persons with whom such employees are domiciled are excluded from this contest. *The prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded. *Winner may not substitute another person in his/her place. If winner cannot accept the prize, we will redo the drawing. *By claiming the prize, the winner (and guest) authorizes the use, without additional compensation of his or her name and/or likeness and/or voice/photograph and municipality of residence for promotion and/or advertising purposes in any manner and in any medium (including without limitation, radio broadcasts, newspapers and other publications and in television or film releases, slides, videotape, distribution over the internet and picture date storage) which [ALIVE NOT DEAD] may deem appropriate. *In accepting the prize, the winner (and guest) acknowledges that [ALIVE NOT DEAD] may not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using this prize(s). *Winners (and guest) at the age of majority must sign a release form as prepared and accepted by [ALIVE NOT DEAD] acknowledging their acceptance and understanding of the complete contest rules. *[ALIVE NOT DEAD] retains the rights, in its absolute and sole discretion, to make substitutions of equivalent kind or approximate value in the event of the unavailability of any prize or component of the prize for any reason whatsoever. *This contest is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws of the United States of America. *[ALIVE NOT DEAD] reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this contest at any time without prior notice. *Approximate value of prizes vary. *Winner (and guest) must agree to the airline's Terms and Conditions of travel. Once confirmed, trip dates and travel accommodations cannot be changed by winner (or guest); however, travel is subject to availability, blackout dates, and/or change due to circumstances beyond Sponsors' and Administrators' control. No extensions will be permitted, and any unused travel will be forfeited. Prize cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer and may not be separated. All tickets issued in conjunction with the Grand Prize are not eligible for frequent flyer miles, and no code-share flights may be used.

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SFIFF50 Scoop du Jour, April 29 | 第50屆舊金山國際影展的采訪,4月29日

From an interview conducted during the SFIFF back in April.

"The second edition of the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival's (April 26-May 10) video Scoop du Jour, hosted by arts commentator Dorka Keehn, features the boy band Alive and The Heavenly Kings director Daniel Wu."

下面是我們 4月參加舊金山影展接受采訪的視頻。

“第 50屆舊金山國際影展( 4月 26日- 5 月10日)接受采訪的第二次剪輯版本。主持人Dorka Keehn采訪 Alive組合和《四大天王》導演吳彥祖”。 |

下面是我们 4月参加旧金山影展接受采访的视频。

“第 50届旧金山国际影展( 4月 26日- 5 月10日) 接受 采访 的 第 二 次 剪辑 版本 。 主持 人Dorka Keehn采访 Alive组合和《四大天王》导演吴彦祖”。

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"The Heavenly Kings" to play at the Hawaii Int'l Film Festival 《四大天王》參加夏威夷國際電影節 | 《四大天王》参加夏威夷国际电影节

"The Heavenly Kings" was recently accepted into the Hawaii International Film Festival, which runs from October 18 - 28.

No other details yet, please check the official site for more news:


《四大天王》最近被夏威夷國際電影節( 10月 18-28日)列為參展影片。

暫時沒有其他信息,請到官網查看更多新聞: [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


《四大天王》最近被夏威夷国际电影节( 10月 18-28日)列为参展影片。


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Daniel Interview in the SF Chronicle! 舊金山國際影展對Daniel報導並記入歷史! | 旧金山国际影展对Daniel报导并记入历史!

Check it out here ....  詳細報道… | 详细报道…

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The 16 Statement Cards Of Our Final Performance|我們最後演出的16張字板

(1)    我地為未來擔心 


        (We are worried about our future)

(2)    導演300人 拍片30部


         (We have 300 directors, but only 30 films)

(3)     歌手咁多  樂隊咁少

          歌手这么多 乐队这么少

          (So many singers, where are the bands?)

(4)    音樂點止卡拉OK


          (Music is not just KTV)

(5)    製作質素高 至贏得觀眾

         制作质量高 才赢得观众

          (Quality productions will win back our audience)

(6)     要創新唔要抄襲


           (We need to innovate, not copy and follow)

(7)     香港應保持自我


          (Hong Kong needs to keep its identity)


(8)     關心香港  關心娛樂圈

          关心香港 关心娱乐圈

          (Care about Hong Kong, Care about the entertainment industry)

(9)     製作環境健康 必須多元化

          制作环境健康 必须多元化

          (A healthy creative environment requires diversity)

(10)   為未來投資


          (Invest in our future)

(11)   冇獨立製作 冇進步主流

          没有独立制作 没有进步主流

          (Without independent productions, the mainstream will not progress)

(12)   請支持獨立音樂 獨立電影

          请支持独立音乐 独立电影

          (Support Indie music / indie films)


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