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Song Focus: Adam's Choice | 阿當的抉擇

Picture 阿當 and the dilemma he faces.  On one hand he has Eve, a picture of perfection and stability, on the other, the apple, and the unknown pleasures it brings.  The ageless couple Adam and Eve is the inspiration behind 阿當的抉擇, the 1st song by H.K’s newest “old man boyband,” Alive.  The song was written especially for Alive by their friend and producer, Davy Chan.  When asked what inspiration was drawn to write this song, Davy says it is mainly the attitude that Alive naturally exudes.  “Alive has a natural, fun-loving, relaxed quality about them,” Davy says.  “I wanted their 1st song to have a lot of positive energy.  Something relaxed, something fun!  When I talked to lyricist 李俊一, about the lyrics for this song, I just told him about Alive and he came up with the concept of 阿當的抉擇.  I think the concept fits the song because I think most men would have the same struggle between their girlfriend and temptation. “

Girlfriend or temptation?  Good or evil?  Not exactly the normal sort of topics you would find in a Canto-pop song.   Apparently that’s exactly what Alive was looking for themselves!  Something different.  “I don’t think I would be able to sing the same type of lyrics that Twins or Boyz would sing,’ Daniel Wu remarks.  “We are a bit older and more mature.  Our outlook on love and relationships would be different from a teenager.  I am happy with 阿當的抉擇 because I think it is a very catchy pop tune with lyrics that relates more to people my age.”  

This is the very 1st song Alive has ever recorded.  Because most members of Alive have not had any previous recording experience, the recording process could have been a daunting task.  But as it turned out the recording process went smoother than expected.  “I was afraid!”  Dave recalls when asked what Alive was like when recording 阿當的抉擇.  “I had no idea what to expect.  I know that they have little or no experience with singing and recording.  I thought my job was going to be very difficult.  But they did O.K!  Thankfully we had time and were not on a tight schedule.  I had time to work with them and bring the best out of each of them.”  

Recording in the studio may be new to Alive, but don’t think for a minute they didn’t enjoy themselves.  “I didn’t realize I was working.”  Terence Yin quips. “Me , Andrew, Conroy, and D were just chillin’ in the studio.  We’d help each other with our parts, drink beer, talk shit.  I felt like we were hanging out at Daniel’s house or something and we’d get up to sing once in a while.  Good times!”   Seems like Davy may be right about Alive and the attitude they carry.  “We are just friends who wanted to do some music together and have fun!”  Conroy adds.  “If it’s not fun, there’s no reason to do it!”

Good times and good friends is what it is all about.  So listen to 阿當的抉擇 on the music page and check out the MV on the video page.  Enjoy and then ask yourself, “Will you give in to temptation?”

阿當的抉擇這首歌是描寫阿當面對的抉擇,他一方面有了夏娃,有著圓滿和穩定,而另一方面,卻又有著蘋果無法估計的歡樂的誘惑。作為「『老餅』的男孩樂隊」-- Alive的第一首歌,這對「不老的伴侶」—阿當和夏娃,正是這首歌背後的靈感來源,也是他們的朋友:導演陳 特別為Alive寫這首歌的原因。陳認為Alive能散發出自然和純真、貪玩又寫意的感覺,他想他們的第一首歌有正面的能量卻輕鬆有趣,所以一跟填詞李俊一溝通,馬上就有了「阿當的抉擇」的意念﹔因為大部份的男人,都在女朋友和誘惑之間掙扎。女朋友還是誘惑﹖正或邪﹖這不是粵語流行歌曲常見的主題。但這卻正是Alive想表達的。我們不認為我們可以唱Twin’s或Boyz的歌。」吳彥祖又補充地說:「我們的年紀大一點也成熟一點,對愛情和關係的表達,跟十幾歲的少年肯定有分別。我很喜歡『阿當的抉擇』這首歌,因為它有容易上口的旋律,也有跟我們這種年紀的人能起共鳴的歌詞。」這是Alive的第一首歌,Alive的大部份成員,都沒有錄歌的經驗,以為錄音的過程會教人氣餒,沒想到過程卻出奇的順利。陳說,最初人家問他關於Alive,他都很擔心,因為對他們的表現完全沒有概念:「謝天謝地!他們的時間表當時都不是太緊張,我能有足夠的時間為他們錄音,把他們最好的一面帶出來。」別以為他們都是初哥,就不會享受個中情趣,尹子維說:「我不覺得是在工作,我、連凱、陳子聰和吳彥祖都像在chillin,在錄音室,我們彼此互助,喝啤酒、閒聊……,就好像在吳彥祖的家裏一樣。簡直是歡樂時光!」陳子聰也說:「我們只是幾個好朋友想聚在一起開開心心地玩玩音樂,如果不好玩,那就沒有理由繼續。」歡樂時光和好朋友!整件事就因此而成!所以:到「樂事」聽聽「阿當的抉擇」,到「錄像院」看看MV,再問問你自己:「你會不會受不住誘惑﹖!」

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