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Daniel Interview in the SF Chronicle! 舊金山國際影展對Daniel報導並記入歷史! | 旧金山国际影展对Daniel报导并记入历史!

Check it out here ....  詳細報道… | 详细报道… http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/04/25/DDGDMPE72A1.DTL

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i've read the article.. keep moving!
about 13 years ago
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omfg.. if i didnt go on this site, i would have never knew.. and i would have recycled my sf chronical!!!.. I HAVE THE NEWSPAPER!!!... lol...
about 13 years ago
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To Daniel, I totally agree with ur view. Karaoke's everywhere in HK and sad is that things go extremely mechanic, esp for those "artists" who actually can't sing. I don't feel good 'bout Canto-pop songs. Btw, Green Day is the biggest legend to me. Billie Joe is a genius!! I luv Green Day n I think HK lacks such brilliant bands (or singers)!
about 13 years ago
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"...Hong Kong version of Jackass" "Cantopop music executives and publicity-driven pop idols were punk'd..." "He might also be one of the saviors of a struggling industry in transition." -- quotes from the chronicle seems to put you in such HUGE GIGANTIC role in entertainment industry!!! a HK version of Johnny Knoxville, plus Ashton Kutcher...wow!!! hahaha!!! pressure? or any thoughts on the article? after all, "...(anyone) could actually seem successful even though you suck." LOL!!! PS: SERIOUSLY/HONESTLY, you are really great for breaking the odds in what you have done. RESPECT RESPECT!!!! (for real, no joke!)
about 13 years ago
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Viva Taqueria -- I'll go there tonight! I'm so proud of being from Hong Kong. We rock!!!
about 13 years ago
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"Heavenly Kings" is a nice nice idea of a reality show. I luv the movie & I couldn't help lafing when i knew e'vrything was unreal, lol!~
about 13 years ago
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Hey! It was really cool meeting you guys today! Thanks a lot for your time and I really appriciate it! You guys are really nice. but I have to say in the beginning I was pretty nervous XP I Hope you guys are enjoying your stay in SF and you guys remember me =] You guys make it really easy to talk. thank you! I hope to see you guys again before you guys leave SF Thanks for the signature and pic! I was really lucky! =] Thank you Terrance for answering all my questions =] Have fun guys! =] hope to see you guys with daniel this time in CT! =]
about 13 years ago
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Fight ing on~~!!
about 13 years ago


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