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Alivenotdead.com Is HERE!!! / Alive在此!!!

Alivenotdead.com is here!  Alive would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website.  You already know you can download and music and our MV’s for free here on this site.  Our first song, 阿當的抉擇, is now available for download on our music page.  You can also download the MV for 阿當的抉擇 from our video page!   Check out the photo page for photos, wallpapers, and private photos of Alive you will not find anywhere else.  Visit our blog page to read personal entries from each member of Alive and find out what we are thinking about.  Register to alivenotdead.com so you can leave comments on our blog entries and share your thoughts and your creations with us.  Get the latest news about Alive and things that matter to us from the news section.  Check out the Alive calendar so you will know where we will be.   But that is just the beginning.  We will be adding new content to our website regularly,  so visit alivenotdead.com often to find the very latest from Alive.

While we are excited to have the chance to share our content and our thoughts with all of you, we hope to get the chance to know all of you a bit better.  To us, alivenotdead.com is a space not only for Alive to express themselves, but also an opportunity for all of you to share your expressions with Alive and all of our friends on-line.  Register to alivenotdead.com so you can share your expressions with us!  If you are a singer or musician, send us some of your music for us to listen to.  If you are a DJ and feel you can remix our songs in a cool way, send it to us.  Send us your photos, any short videos you have made with your DV camera, flash cartoon clips, essays, stories, poems, drawings, paintings, anything you have created, we would love to see.  If we like what you have sent us, we will post  it on our website and send you some special gifts from alivenotdead.com! To be alive is to express yourself and we hope alivenotdead.com is a space where we can all express ourselves and share our creations.  

We really hope you enjoy our website and that alivenotdead.com will represent the very thing that makes us unique and cool.  Our voice!  

Alive在此! Alive在此!Alive在此歡迎你進入我們的網站。你可以準備免費下載我們的音樂和MV,也可以在「樂事」上下載我們的第一首歌「阿當的抉擇」,你還可以下載我們的MV作wallpapers,更有你們在別處看不到的Alive私家照片任你欣賞。瀏覽我們的網誌,你還會看到Alive成員有趣的內心世界。登記作為alivenotdead.com的一員,你就能跟我們分享你的創意和想法﹔你要常到我們的「公告板」來看Alive的最新消息,現在只是個開始,以後會不斷地有新元素注入!我們很高興能有這個機會跟你分享我們的內容和想法,我們也希望能多認識你一點。對我們來說, alivenotdead.com不光只是我們的園地,更是你把你的感想與我們分享的樂土。如果你是歌手又或是音樂人,就把你的音樂傳過來給我們聽﹔如果你是DJ,覺得可以把音樂重新處理,也傳過來讓我們欣賞。如果你有照片、錄像、動畫、短故事、詩、詞、圖畫……,任何創作,我們都很想一看一聽。而,如果我們喜歡,我們會把它在網上發表,還會送你一樣alivenotdead.com特備的禮物!「活著」就是為了表達自己!在 alivenotdead.com,每個人都可以發表和分享自己的創作,希望你喜歡我們的網站。Alivenotdead.com代表的是獨特和夠酷。我們絕對相信! 

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Was watching the clip on Youtube titled "四大天王", where you guys were trying the performance outfits. Was that a scripted scene? It looks candid, as if you guys were punk'd. Love the part where Terrence when "Africa has got rainforest?" and Andrew just bursted-out. Simply hilarious.
about 13 years ago


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