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2005/08/02 Birth of Alive

Alive started as a group of 4 friends who wanted to have some fun and make some music together.  Over the past year we have found time between our busy schedules to produce some music and MV’s.  Originally we hoped to release an EP sometime this year to introduce ourselves to all of you.  Due to unknown circumstances, one of our songs was released on the Internet before the release of our EP.  After much consideration, we have decided the best response to the theft of our music is to give away our music and videos for free.  AliveNotDead.com is our gift to you.  You will be able to download our music and view our videos legally and free on this website.  We hope that as you are enjoying our music and videos, you will also have a chance to get to know us better as artists and people.  Alive, to us, means the willingness to express ourselves and to find joy through the process of expression.  This website is the beginning of our journey together.  We hope that you will have as much fun with Alive as Alive will have with you!

Alive 始於四個想找樂子的音樂發燒友。去年,四條友在百忙中開始計劃製作音樂和MV。本來我們希望能藉著EP把我們的歌曲介紹給大家,可惜我們發現我們的歌曲中,有一首居然在網際網絡上被搶先發放了。經過了慎重的考慮,我們決定,對付盜窃的最佳良方,就就:「免費發放」我們的音樂和錄像﹔alivenotdead.com就是我們送給大家的禮物!你們在這個網站裏,可以免費、合法、自由地下載或欣賞我們的音樂和我們的錄像……。我們希望跟你們一起享受我們的音樂和錄像,讓你們更充份地認識到我們和我們的音樂。Alive對我們這四條音樂發燒友來說,目的是發揮、舒展和享受我們的嗜好。但這只是個起步!我們希望因Alive,令你們也能得到如 Alive一樣的情趣和歡樂。

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