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A morning in HK

Am in the land of alivenotdead. On a 4 hour transit from SG to NYC for Singapore Day.  Man! It's been yonks since I posted something here. Why not now... since I have time to kill. I've always thought posting pics make for more interesting blogs. Then again, it's quite a hassle... to load my pics on the com then add them into AnD again. Too much work. Dammit! I'm a slave to convenience. Anyway you can see pics on Twitter & FB.For now, blogging is going to be text. Plain text. Unless the occasion calls for pics, it's good ol plain text.  Tired. Had only 2 hours of shut eye in the air last night. Can't wait to snooze again on the long haul. Gotta go straight to work upon touchdown. Energy Energy! Lots to accomplish in the coming days. Till later...-AT

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The Kung Fu Panda 2 TV Interstitials

Here you go guys. The labour of my LA trip...  Video:

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KUNG FU PANDA 2 Junket: Back in LA... in awesome style!


Its great to be back in LA. The smell at LAX was all too familiar. I swear I would know I was in LA even if I was blind. 

 Couldn't wait to catch up with some of the folks here. My schedule was like packed everyday with just catching up with friends. Solid! Apologies to those of you whom I am unable to meet on this trip. But no worries, maybe on my next trip ey. ;) 

The first order of business is, well... business. Checked into the Langham Huntington in Pasadena where the folks at Paramount have put us up. Very nice hotel. I found out I have friends working there. A childhood friend and another family friend are both working there as hospitality staff. What a big coincidence! Then again, it is probably the best hotel in Pasadena. Says alot about my friends’ abilities ey. ;)

Guess what Paramount gave us… TADA! KungFu Panda 2 hamper! The Bell Boy and I were chatting about how cool the character Tigress was. So he picked out the hamper with Tigress in it for me and put it in my room. Hahahaha… Go Angelina!

On the morning that we shot the junket. I was up at 6am getting ready to become Grandmaster BakXu.

The international press was quite intrigued by my kungfu master outfit. I think I had a French, Vietnamese, German, Australian, and Columbian press trying to get a photo op with me. And even a reporter from Chengdu interviewed me. Whatever for? I also dunno. So there, free international exposure. It pays to be OTT sometimes.

Aussie presenter, dunno-whats-his-name, from Channel 9 (or was it 4? Darn my crappy kungfu memory!!!) trying to get his blackberry camera to work. “Come on matey, Stop muckin around and start shootin!”

We got to work once we arrived at Dreamworks Animation Studios. Of course, PO was there to greet us when we arrived, so we did a little sparring. It’s obvious who won…

…That 'other' fella whose not supposed to be in the shot!!! Didn't even know he was there until after the fact.

Benny, my producer, also trying to get in on the action!

So it seems that Dreamworks Studios is one of the top 10 companies to work for in America as rated by Forbes magazine. And one of the reasons? They conduct FREE Yoga classes for employees during lunchtime!!!

During lunch, I had the chance to hang out with PO, (alone, this time!). He was having girlfriend problems and was seeking my advice.

Then of course, I had the chance to interview the cast of the show!!!

Jack & Angelina (Yes, we’re on a first name basis, and they call me KungFu Master!) were super friendly and down-to-earth. No airs whatsoever.

Unfortunately, Due to behind-the-scenes logistical constraints, I did not manage a picture with Jack and Angelina. It happens, so no sweat. But I did manage to get one with the very epic, Gary Oldman!

I must say, for an actor who takes on such dramatic roles, he sure has a good sense of humour.

After lunch was the press conference. We didn’t really need to stay but I thought what the heck, we’ve come this far, might as well stick around to see if there was anymore interesting stuff that we could shoot. There wasn’t. :s

But jack Black gave me some air time during the press con. Like 3 seconds worth. He was answering a question posed to him and he suddenly said, “I’m sorry, I can’t remember the question cos I'm really distracted by the Kung Fu Master sitting on the fifth row.” To which everyone turned to look at me. I struck a GongXi FaCai pose, the crowd laughed. Gary Oldman laughed the loudest! I think he got a real kick out of seeing a real Kung Fu Master. Hahahaha!

From left to right: Dreamworks Chief Executive, Jeffrey Katzenburg; Angelina Jolie plying Tigress; jack Black playoing PO; Gary Oldman playing Lord Shen, and Kung Fu Panda 2 Director, Jenifer Yuh Nelson.

Here’s a little story about Jennifer Yuh Nelson. Her progression in the Kung Fu Panda franchise is pretty awesome. She was an animator on the first Kung Fu Panda, doing the anime 2D flashback sequences. And she did such a good job conceptualizing and realizing it, she was asked to direct the second installment! Certainly did doing the Asian community proud!;)

By the end of the day, we were yearning for a good dinner. So we headed on in to Old Town Pasadena at an Italian restaurant called Mi Piace. Damn crowded for a weekday night, but the food was awesome!

Hazel Seah, our coordinating executive (from United International Pictures, who is distributing the film in Asia) joined us for dinner.

Lovely dinner, to end off a day of hard but fun work!

Watch out for the Kung Fu Panda 2 trailers on Channel 5 soon!:) 



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While away in Europe for 22 days (or thereabouts), I actually "penned" my FB statuses... (hmm... what's the plural for Status?) :s OK so here goes. An update, with some photos, if you like... :)Day One:PARIS. Took the metro to Gare Du Nord only to have a 4 hour wait before our Eurostar train departed for London.LONDON. Took the underground to Bow Rd from Knife’s Crossing station. Lugged bags in the cold to get to hotel. Small and cozy place.COMEDY STORE LONDON. Had a great time with British Comedians. Half show only. Too jet-lagged lah! (sorry no pic)Day Two: Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Climbed over 500 steps up… and down! Abbey Road Crossing, Westminster Abbey, and Harrods![](/attachments/2011/02/22/22/96206_201102222204041.thumb.jpg)Had an Italian dinner opposite Harrods. I know! Fancy having an Italian meal in hello… London?!?! Cock! But it was the only thing decently available around there at the time. Didn’t want Juliet to walk so much in the cold. Plus we were hungry![](/attachments/2011/02/22/22/96206_201102222214442.thumb.jpg)AT

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The Noose Movie

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion in the history of Singapore Television. A current affairs program made its way to the big screen! Yes, The Noose movie was launched! Well, it was half a movie at least. 55 minutes of new, updated and 'very daring' stories, which kept the audience at the edge of their seats (due to uproarious laughter or sheer fear that the joke might be on them), was screened to a packed theater at Orchard Cineleisure! Here are some pics... Jojo, Andre, Adrianna & Jacques outside the movie theater which was screening our show. Woohoo![](/attachments/2011/02/18/09/96206_201102180904551.thumb.jpg)The latest season's poster... so stylo. I like!Yes, we have new cast members. Judee Tan aka Kim Bong-Cha from North Korea. LOL.Doing a short intro before the screening. Despite our sensitive topics, "strong" language, and occasional violence, we were given a PG rating by the board of film censors. YAY to film censors! We are hereby certified CLEAN! In fact, we are certified Halal too... seriously.Doing a stand-upper for an interstitial at the foyer in front of our giant standie poster.Meeting the fans...This one guy in the red shirt, came all the way from Australia (he's aussie, btw) to support us! So cool! Very honoured to have overseas fans. How apt too, since season 4 is "going international". :)Every now and then... sneaking a moment to scratch my behind. Hey, its a tough job constantly covering such "tight-ass" stories, hence one must indulge in some... erm... 'relief' activity.Guess who? Did someone say Jack-ass?That's all of us... for now. The Noose 4 premieres 8 March, 8.30pm Channel 5!AT

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The Green Hornet comes to town!

Today, I was at the Singapore junket of the new Superhero-Action-Comedy movie, The Green Hornet. Stand-upper in front of the press con table. Tried my luck looking cool. Obviously... fail.Visionary Director, Michel Gondry; Writer/Star, Seth Rogen; and Making his Hollywood debut (we're all so very proud of him)... Jay Chou aka Zhou Jie Lun! :)Small trivia... during the press con, amidst the questioning and often humourous answers, our very playful director was doodling!!! I thought that was so cool! Hahahaha... What was he doodling? Have a look...Michel sketched this little drawing of 93.3FM's PeiFen, who was hosting the event. Funny, and awesome! Hahaha...I managed some one-on-one time with the guys, and picked their brains a little![](/attachments/2011/01/24/16/96206_201101241609347.thumb.jpg)Jay was surprisingly very obliging. As cool as he looks, deep down, we all know he's a "dude". Its very surreal being in the same room with a legend. Much less stir his cup of tea!! Loved this man's early music videos. He's very eccentric and has a quirky sense of humour... just like his films! Haha... I had fun talking with him. And i have no idea how it came up but we were going to organize a chocolate party together! Anyone wanna join us? ;) Ah ha! The man of the moment, Seth Rogen! It's not everyday you meet a fellow Actor/Writer and I totally enjoyed it! He was a rather tired but very candid with his answers about the film. Glad I could pick his brains. :)All in a day's work. It's still not over though. Gotta cover the "green carpet" this evening. Later Alligators! AT

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Lelio Popo premieres in KL

Was in KL this past week for the premiere of Lelio Popo. I must say i was pleasantly delighted with the final film. It exceeded my already quite high expectations. Great job by everyone on the crew. Director Adrian Teh did a fantastic job together with his team. Kudos! Best of all they made me look good! Wuahahaha... DON'T MISS IT!AT

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Lelio Shoot - Part One

On the first leg of my Lelio Popo shoot, I got to slap the butt of a hot co-actress, and give another one her first on-screen kiss... wahwah weee!!!!!!!   多谢Adrian 和Stanley 给我这个机会! 这是我第一次拍戏可以打美女的屁股! Lol... my hand is now highly coveted. heeeee...

Here are some pics from this week's shoot.

more pics akan datang!

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Lelio Popo

Was in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend for rehearsals, imaging and a press conference for a new movie, Lelio Popo. "Lelio" is the Malaysian colloquial term for "Radio". Popo is, of course, Porpor. meaning old lady or aunty lah!

Yet another Mandarin flick for me. As though that were not a big enough challenge, I'm taking on the antagonist role. Yikes!

Here are some pics before and during the press conference.

Our 2 lead actors, popular Malaysian Radio DJs, KK and Ah-Luke. They were so totally cool and funny, we hit it off straight away!

Other members of the cast include Benji Heng and Mindee Ong.

The main cast with Director Adrian Teh.

...and then, the Producers also wanted a piece of the action. Executive Producer, Stanley (3rd from left); Line Producer, Zhi Ang (2nd from right); and Producer Ah Matt (far right).

Yes, i do have my spastic moments...

We start principal photography end of August, in and around the Klang area, Malaysia... So let the cameras roll!!!!



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Braved through the floods... and caught up with the Wondergirls!

It was a crazy morning. There was like pang sai water everywhere! Unbelivable how much water there was. At one point, i was soaked up to my knees.

Some people lagi worse. Kena stuck...

This was at Newton. My second teh susu water jam. The other one was at Thomson, just outside Mediacorp. These 2 cars are stationary btw. And all other traffic was diverted away from this stretch of road. What i saw couldn't beat what actually happened down at orchard road... Wao lao! I almost fainted!!!

So we were stuck for awhile and almost didn't make it for the Wondergirls Press Con. Even Glyn (whom I have renamed Glyndorious... from this day forth) was puuling her hair out. Late late late!!!

Anyhoo, we got stuck in the flood twice but managed to get out and rush to Marina Bay Sands to meet... The Wondergirls!!! We got there in time and the Wondergirls, I must say... were truly Wonderful! Nobody Nobody bak chew!

In case you're wondering, this character I play... Uncle Larry, is not for The Noose. It's actually for Entertinament on 5. Uncle Larry is Kui Jien's granduncle, once removed, who has nothing better to do now that he is a retired discipline master, and hence he gets hired to do this part time job.

The Wondergirls will be at The Sony Ericcson Music Showcase this Friday, 18 July, 2010.

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