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A morning in HK

Am in the land of alivenotdead. On a 4 hour transit from SG to NYC for Singapore Day.  Man! It's been yonks since I posted something here. Why not now... since I have time to kill. I've always thought posting pics make for more interesting blogs. Then again, it's quite a hassle... to load my pics on the com then add them into AnD again. Too much work. Dammit! I'm a slave to convenience. Anyway you can see pics on Twitter & FB.For now, blogging is going to be text. Plain text. Unless the occasion calls for pics, it's go...Read more

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The Kung Fu Panda 2 TV Interstitials

Here you go guys. The labour of my LA trip...  Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsKNk77cA64Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38OVhzqik6w-AT

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KUNG FU PANDA 2 Junket: Back in LA... in awesome style!


Its great to be back in LA. The smell at LAX was all too familiar. I swear I would know I was in LA even if I was blind. 

 Couldn't wait to catch up with some of the folks here. My schedule was like packed everyday with just catching up with friends. Solid! Apologies to those of you whom I am unable to meet on this trip. But...Read more

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While away in Europe for 22 days (or thereabouts), I actually "penned" my FB statuses... (hmm... what's the plural for Status?) :s OK so here goes. An update, with some photos, if you like... :)Day One:PARIS. Took the metro to Gare Du Nord only to have a 4 hour wait before our Eurostar train departed for London.Read more

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The Noose Movie

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion in the history of Singapore Television. A current affairs program made its way to the big screen! Yes, The Noose movie was launched! Well, it was half a movie at least. 55 minutes of new, updated and 'very daring' stories, which kept the audience at the edge of their seats (due to uproarious laughter or sheer fear that the joke might be on them), was screened to a packed theater at Orchard Cineleisure! Here are some pics... Read more

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The Green Hornet comes to town!

Today, I was at the Singapore junket of the new Superhero-Action-Comedy movie, The Green Hornet. Stand-upper in front of the press con table. Tried my luck looking cool. Obviously... fail.Read more

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Lelio Popo premieres in KL

Was in KL this past week for the premiere of Lelio Popo. I must say i was pleasantly delighted with the final film. It exceeded my already quite high expectations. Great job by everyone on the crew. Director Adrian Teh did a fantastic job together with his team. Kudos! Best of all they made me look good! Wuahahaha... Read more

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Lelio Shoot - Part One

On the first leg of my Lelio Popo shoot, I got to slap the butt of a hot co-actress, and give another one her first on-screen kiss... wahwah weee!!!!!!!   多谢Adrian 和Stanley 给我这个机会! 这是我第一次拍戏可以打美女的屁股! Lol... my hand is now highly coveted. heeeee...

Here are some pics from this week's shoot.

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Lelio Popo

Was in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend for rehearsals, imaging and a press conference for a new movie, Lelio Popo. "Lelio" is the Malaysian colloquial term for "Radio". Popo is, of course, Porpor. meaning old lady or aunty lah!

Yet another Mandarin flick for me. As though that were not a big enough challenge, I'm taking on the antagonist role. Yikes!

Here are some pics before and during the press conference.

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Braved through the floods... and caught up with the Wondergirls!

It was a crazy morning. There was like pang sai water everywhere! Unbelivable how much water there was. At one point, i was soaked up to my knees.

Some people lagi worse. Kena stuck...

This wa...Read more

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June 17, 2008