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I was recently invited to the Arts Fiesta 2018 @ Tanglin Secondary School. This was the place where I first began my thespian journey. The process of exploring an artistic passion, which later became my career and a large part of my life, all began here. Back then, there were only Extra Curricula Activities that gave us the opportunity to pursue our artistic inclinations. 22 years later, as I revisit my alma mater, a comprehensive Arts programme focusing on the Performing Arts, has been integrated into the Tanglinian Student's academic curriculum. Watching these...Read more

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Public Service Announcement: Health: @santaclaritadiet #nojoke Drew Barrymore #timothyolyphant https://t.co/OqsSe4j38T

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I may be a week late, but no matter... it’s still #filmmakerfriday! Big thanks to Neal Moore of @filmmakerfridays for including me in your lineup of amazing people! Listen to the podcast now - http://ow.ly/A79430jkjMN

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2 x Full shows today at #RSAF50 roadshow. Open space beside Sun Plaza, Sembawang. 1.30pm & 4.45pm. Ah Boys @originalmaxi & @joshuatwe13 join me as we ask the sky what happened to our aeroplane ✈️ #hokkien #uncle 👨🏻

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It’s party time! Woohoo! Super excited for the all-you-can-eat feast! #santaclaritadiet #nowshowing @netflixsg @drewbarrymore #timothyolyphant

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Blessed Easter folks. #longweekend #easter

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Whilst rehearsing for RSAF skit, I misaligned my hip again (Aka chut stunt). Good thing Dr Lauren from @orchardhealthclinic sorted me out. I’m ready to rock and roll this Saturday & Sunday afternoon at Sun Plaza, Sembawang!

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Did you realise we were both wearing striped tops? Good catch up @selenaleelalee ! Can’t wait to 👀 your new series! #noactor #knownactor #stripeytops

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It’s party time! Woohoo! Super excited for the all-you-can-eat-feast! #santaclaritadiet Netflix https://t.co/NJsipwMBco

The battle is on! Less than 7 hours to go to get your discounted tickets! Get It now from SISTIC! #happyeverlaughter #dreamacademysg #comedy #battleofwits

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June 17, 2008