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Tune in NOW to Class 95! #XHH is on air with Yasmine! @Class95FM @YasminneCheng #thenoose #morningdrivetime

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When 2 worlds collide... my latest production #zombiepura meets a not-so-old Friend. Thanks @shaunmarkus and Jefferson For hosting us at @bonchonsg for our Wrap Party ?! We had a blast! Especially those killer #sojubombs !!! #musthave. Wishing you, likewise, a whooping Monster Success in your endeavours! ????

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You are never too small to accomplish greatness. Have a great start to your week! #justright #daddyschamp #daddyjuniortime

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tbt #海南岛 #timetravel https://t.co/vgoDpLNBXr

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tbt #海南岛 #timetravel @ 海南岛 https://t.co/wKUjBBnhf7

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tbt #海南岛 #timetravel #oldshanghai

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I’ve been a desk junkie for the past couple of weeks. Seeing that we start filming #zombiepura tomorrow, I figure it’s good idea to squeeze some time for body realignment. This dude Dr Adam Wong definitely gave me a good crack in the back, and equipped me with some good stretches for my ?‍♂️ survival routine. Thanks Doc! I’m ready! Let’s do this! #myohcjourney @orchardhealthclinic #notadab #stretchingisawesome

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2018 #happynewyear

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Cut away the old, put on the new. These are our new hair cuts. 2018, here We come! @julietory @hairincsg #mywifeissohot #ihadtophotobombit #AllINeedAreEarExtensions #tryingtolooklikeavulcan

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It will be a Happy Holiday! #starwars #thelastjediSG #BetterThanTheLastOne #DontsayIneveraskyoutowatch

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