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Making of Febrisan tablet commercial

Hello everyone !  How is everyone enjoing autumn ?

This is making video of Tablet commercial with Mr Richard NG .

Take good care not to catch cold !

Have a nice day !  Lots of Love & Peace .




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Hello everyone ! How are you ? Here is getting cooler and trees are changing colors , Autam has started here in london .

Into the wild is inspired by the true story of Christopher McCandless , a young man who abandons his life of comfort to pursue the freedom of life on the road , a quest that leads him to the Alaskan wilderness and the ultimate challenge of his life .

Alexander super tramp is a great guy !

Have a nice weekend !

Love and Peace !


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Blog: Friday, Oct 17

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Ukai Toriyama Restaurant

Hello everyone ! How are you ?Did you enjoy your lovely summer time ? We went back to japan with my family this summer . It was roasting hot in tokyo but we had a nice time ! Its nice to go back to home town . Especially this restaurant is  an amazing spot for foreigners and japanese too . Traditional japanese architecture near mount TAKAO ( You can get a free bus from Takao san guchi station. Keio line ) . We saw a lot of firefly s, its a mysterious bug which glows at night time. Why ? How ? Where is battery ? Anyway Food, SAKE in b...Read more

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Hello every one ! This is graffiti art fesival in london . It was a fantastic exhibition ever !!! If you want to look more Please check my photo album !  Love & Peace !!!                 Akira

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Hello everyone !   How are you ?   I think this is nice film !    ( ONCE is the inspirational tale of two kindred spirits who find each other on the bustling strees of Dublin. One is a street musician who lack the confidence to perform his own songs . The other is a young mother trying to find her way in a strange new town. As their lives intertwine,they discover each others talents and push one another to realise what each had only dream about before and work through their past loves and reveal their budding love for one another, through their songs. O...Read more

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Hello everyone !   How are you ?   Right now in London sunsets at about 8:30 pm , nice summer feeling with longer days !   Its a great time to go out for walks and start to enjoy and explore what new things spring and summer bring . You probably already know about Banksy,the graffiti artist ,He does street paints . I think his art is nice critical joke with a strong hidden political message . There's also a story about the art he did on a wall which went missing and probably sold . You never know what great interesting stuff is surrounding you rig...Read more

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Gaia Symphony Film

Hello everyone ? How are you ? Are you enjoying Spring ? This is an interview style documentary film (DVD) about amazing and interesting people from all over the world,on different subjects and professions .  I hope you have a chance to watch these films .There are wonderful messages !  You can watch the trailer from this site ,Click  on japanese & Click on You Tube .  http://www.gaiasymphony.com/index-e.html    Lots of Love and Peace !   Akira .

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Water cure

Hello everyone ! How are you ? one of my friends in japan she introduced me to a water cure.  This water cure is for many different diseases. 

Method:  Upon arising in the morning, before you brush your teeth, drink 640ml  of lukewarm water.  After drinking the water, brush your teeth and gargle, as desired, but wait 45 minutes before eating or drinking anything else.

Actually I have been doing this for the last 2 weeks (I dont have any problems but I feel the difference already,my body feels light and full of energy)

If yo...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Jan 5

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