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From Bulgaria

Hi everyone ! Please check Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist shots show Goutetsu and Senzo actors


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Update Street Fighter Assassin's Fist - Kickstarter campaign

Exciting News!

We've got some very exciting news to announce. Although the KickStarter campaign has built a little slowly it has brought a couple of supporters to us who really love what we are trying to do. In fact they love it so much they are going to back us with the money we need to get started. So we are pleased to announce that we look like we are good to go, and our vision of a Street Fighter series made by fans for fans will happen.So we'd like to thank everyone who h...Read more

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The arrest of AI WEIWEI Hampstead Theatre

To tell you the truth , sometimes its so funny , on the other hand, sometimes we need to really break through and make that change . This is one of the best shows on theatre in London right now ! 真実を語る事は,時にそれを見ている者に滑稽に映るが、 時には、立ち上がり、その事実を変えて行かなければならない私...See MoreRead more

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Street Fighter Assassin's Fist. Kickstarter campaign.

Hello everyone ! my next project is on the way and we need support from everyone to make this film . please visit kickstarter and check  Street fighter assassin's fist campaign and Let's make this epic film together !!!僕の次回出演予定の”ストリートファイター 暗殺拳”が、制作の協力を募る事になりました。壮大な武道家たちの人生を描くこの作品にどうぞ協力してください。詳しくは、kickstarter のウェブサイトで、street fighter asassin's fist と入れてください。内容は、日本語でも記されています。どうぞよろしく御願いいたします。

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Happy New Year 2013!!!

Wishing everyone's a very happy new year 2013!!! May this year bring happiness , opportunity and achievement .笑角福来 皆さんに取って健康で実りある幸せな年となりますように!!!晃

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Strong demonstration in Japan

Hello everyone how are you doing ? I HOPE we can find safe way and  choose it for our future !!!Have wonderful weekend!!!Lots of love!!!Akira. Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5p283KZGa8

TOKYO — Shouting antinuclear slogans and beating drums, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the Japanese prime minister’s residence on Friday in the largest display yet of public anger at the government’s decision to restart ...Read more

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Cute Tiny Guest !

We have a tiny cute guest just side of our kitchen for lunch time! He ate lots of nut and bread but he is still here .It's wonderful feeling isn't it!Have a lovely day my friends!Akira.

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One year anniversary

From the bottom of my heart I pray for the souls of the departed .I wish hope and courage for all the people .心の底からお祈り申し上げます。...Read more

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"The Lady" released from today in London UK.

Hello everyone ! How was your holiday? I had a wonderful cosy  time with my family and also my wife cooked tasty turkey this time , It was delicious!. Thanks !!! As I mentioned on my blog early this year about the Luc Besson film called "The Lady" ( Aung San Suu Kyi) released in the UK from today . It's based on a true story which shows her terribly tragic life and showing amazing bravery. How she followed her instinct as a  human being for her fellow countrymen. Acted by wonderful Michelle...Read more

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012 for everyone !!!

 I wish you and your family's health ,happiness, achievement !!! Have a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year  2012 Lots of Love ,Peace and Big Smile !Akira.

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