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New TVB drama! | 新TVB劇集!

Hi everyone! 

My body aches so bad, I caught a small flu from my friend (Thanks Kit !) <---- that was meant to be sarcastic! hee hee! joking! I woke up at 4 am this morning because I was shooting 2 more scenes for my new drama,Best Selling Secrets.It's a very popular t.v. show and I'm SO excited and grateful for the opportunity to be in it.

My character is rather cute and hyper. She's about the age of 19 and is the daughter of a rich rival company owner and she's quite naughty and likes to joke around alot. She's a bit of a mischief. My father is the coolest dad in the entire planet, played by lo lok lum (say that out loud with a cantonese accent....sorry I don't know how to type chinese!)

I'm good friends with "ah zeet" in the drama, here are a few photo's to share!

***** BOO!**********you can't see me! (inside joke)

Our little fans watching us film....tee hee! These all belong to the sound manager!

I have so much more to learn. I get so excited before each scene that I have a tough time sleeping the night before or after if I feel as if I could have done something better. I think it's so exciting to play different characters in one lifetime and you are able to view the world through different eyes. I love it! I hope I will continue to improve and grow. . .

My character will come out starting in episode 282, so stay tuned!........

Muah!  |大家好!

我身體很痛,朋友傳染了小流感給我(謝謝Kit!) 本意是諷刺!呵呵!開個玩笑!今天淩晨4點我就醒了,因為要為新戲 《同事三分親》拍兩場戲。這是部非常受歡迎的電視劇,我非常興奮,也很開心有機會參演。

我演的角色非常可愛、精力旺盛。她大約19歲,是有錢公司大老板的女兒,很調皮,喜歡跟別人開玩笑,還總是惡作劇。我的父親是世界上最酷的老爸,被lo lok lum玩(請用廣東話大聲讀出來…對不起,我不知道如何輸入中文!)

劇中我是"ah zeet"的好朋友,分享一些照片!

**啵!*******你看不到我! (劇中的玩笑)




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congrats on the new avenue of work! you sound quite busy!
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Photo 1066
同事三分親 I love this drama. We've started watching this in the UK it's great! Heard 關詠荷 maybe quitting the series which would be a shame cos I like her character alot. Look forward to seeing your performance. 加油!!!
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Photo 8032
good luck and congratz! get well...
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Andy lau spain 9a andy lau spain
u sound really excited and kinda hyper already...still getting into character? =P Haha, great pics, I love the way u blog, u put so much love in anything u do =)
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Photo 51853
aww... you and vin choi look so cute !
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Photo 23907
wow looking forward to seeing you on the series...i haven't been catching up on it in awhile but cool to see a pic of you and 'ah jeet'!
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Photo 42890
so anticipating to watch your performance.. now i have something to look foward to @ 8:00.. ever since esther kwan left, i haven't been watching it ! btw, you and Ah Jit look so cute ! Angela Wong
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Photo 37236
i've been catching up on the series since the first episode. looking forward to seeing you on it.!
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Photo 37269
Cute little toy fans, sounds like your'e getting into the new drama,nice to hear about the details. Hope the flu bug does'nt interfer with the progress take care. Gabe.
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hehe cute!
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kekekeke, I'll post more photo's from this drama series.... and yes I'm ALWAYS WAY too hyper on set! I think it drives the crew MAD......lol....until I hit a sugar low and I'm REALLY quiet..... ke ke
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Photo 19611
Have a Chinese edition, that good for more fans to read. Support you! And love your smile so much.
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Photo 84459
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Welcome to my space on Alive Not Dead! It's great to be here and I look forward to speaking to everyone here.I'll be updating this space often so...STAY TUNED


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