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Get Glam Trashy With Us!| 跟我們一起Glam Trash!

The month of March..made famous by the Easter Bunny, St. Patrick and now Josie Ho!

It's seems weird to have come full circle with playing as a session musician, as it was with this same rockin' chick that I started playing for cash. So now its time again for another super duper Josie Ho Concert, this coming March 2nd at Star Hall. She's got lots of guests, a kick arse band and has, in my opinion made leaps and bounds in her singing and performing.


So come one, come all and get glam trashy with us!


p.s. Audiotraffic's launch is on the 8th where she'll perform too!

|三月…因復活節小兔而聞名,由Patrick帶來 ,現在還有何超儀!

有些不可思議,又回到原點做演唱會的音樂人,而且是和我當初通過此 謀生時同個搖滾小妞。 何超即將舉辦又一場超級棒的演唱會,在3月2日的某地。她邀請了不少特別嘉賓 ,一個很厲害的樂隊以及,在我看來必將撼動全場的她的精彩演唱和表 演。

所以來吧,跟我們一起Glam Trash!

另,Audiotraffic首發會也將在8日她的演唱會地點舉辦 !

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i've seen you trashed... but never glam trashed!
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