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A belated Taiwan blog

FINALLY got some pics from our trip to taiwan a while back. This was Don and I's first promotionie thing outside of HK, so it was 'interesting'. As you'll see....


Ay yes, the first radio interview... I can remember that she is origionaly from singapore.. thats about it.. Although our backs are facing the camera, you can still tell that we're energetic and excited to be on the radio in TW.



I think this was the 2nd one.. I really cant remember now! But I definitely remember the DJ cause when she arrived I went 'humina humina' to Don... She was very nice and cute.. a relaxed interview


Shit.. how do u rotate on this thing!?!?

Anyway, this was some photo shoto for a mag which I can't remember. I like this pic cause we're both very skillfully hiding how much we dislike taking pictures.



Another photo shoot for another mag.. The real star of the show was the kitty! He kept gettin into the pics!


Ah, here you can see how the bordem and tiredness is starting to hit us. By this point we had answered the same questions at least 10 times and we're so not bothered anymore. But we're professionals, and we did our best everytime. (cough bollocks*)



This was taking at ICRT, the number one or only (ofcourse I cant remember) english radio station there. I'd lost my mind at this point and was tryin to bite the dj's head off. The loverly Louisa on my left is on this site so go check her out! (also worth a humina humina)



Ah my favourite pic. No need for an explanation I think.



We had a bit of time to go to the guitar shop, which was nice. They have a few thigns you cant really get here in HK, but they can be $$$$$$$$


Ah our last and most fun radio interview. This guy was really nice and made us play some games. The whire board don is holding was for us to write our answers on for a game of 'how well do you know each other'..  Evidently, we don't know very much!

After all the work, we ended the trip with a show with Josie at The Wall. Very cool place and we hope we can play there ourselves some day.

Overall a great trip...



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OMG you actually blogged... Well done.. See it's not that bad... wakakakakaa
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The radio station calls ICRT....
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