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Thieves Market 2017 Watercolor and Ink on Waste Cardboard

kultsg #sungeiroad #thievesmarket #upcycle

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Super lit ?weekend. Had a Malay kite design PAssionArts Ramadan opening event at the OTH with the fresh batch of #chiokidsclub from Junyuan Secondary. Graced by the Ministers of Tampines as well as old friends such as @hasifadhwa and sweet @funsizeonheels. Had our breaking of fast with takeaways from @commongroundsingapore ?too. Also our preparations was featured in the news yesterday in the Suria Channel. #whataweekend

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Oriental bengster tiger ??- an art jam with @psyfool at the co-creative plank art workshop with students from RP Cool timelapse by @_limmy for the first half of the progress ?

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Totem and rolly polly painting with @estherngyisi , cute little Tampines childrens at the Tampines Learning Festival - as well as the Junyuan 2017th batch of #chiokidsclub @phaem.nantasuk @jemappelle_nadya @nurynstyles and more

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Street Shark trickeye painting with Jun and the youths of Taman Jurong ??? #workinprogress #anamorphic #underwatersquad

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Blooming floras and faunas around the estate #? #? #?#ripecoconuts

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Lol, made 5 Ang Mo Kio MPs paint. A high point in life indeed

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Making Lim Hak Tai proud. Thank you Berita Harian for the feature. Never knew I could be a #modelstudentgraduate too

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Wise words from the military

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