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Some snapshots in the Japanese Association, can't stop looking at that poster depicting multiracial cartoon Singaporeans. Not sure what it says though, anyone able to translate?

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Second year running catching the Cirque du Soleil with @socialcreatives.sg and friends. The acrobats and the visuals for KOOZA are unironically lit ?? Truly an authentic textbook circus experience (extreme edition)

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Marbled mosiac triptych piece co-creation that turned out great

Credits and thanks to Esther Ng, Noc Vyne, few cute kids from JYSS and the residents of Choa Chu Kang

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Fun Choa Chu Kang PassionArts marbling event with @estherngyisi and cool kids from Junyuan

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Tattooed totem finally made it to the park

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In the early morning march With a fieldpack on my back With an aching in my arms And my body's full of sweat Im a long long way from home And I miss my lover so In the early morning march When the cold wind blow... #safday #ns50 #cadence

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Booth's prepped #marbling

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Removing negatives #linocut #livingonathinline

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Fight night Friday night throwback. Shit was so CASH. It was totally lit ? ? nohomo bro. Our Singaporean fighters made us proud yet again #bloodsport #onesingapore #grr #dmx

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Fascinating snapshots of @kultmagazine Thieves Market artwalk

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