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Intense afternoon sesh of art prep and photoshoot. Swipe left for hard flexing of my hypebeast art interns. Would cop that Fila Disruptors tho, ngl #chiokidsclub #batchno4 #art #disruptor #swag

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Finally hosting an art event in my hometown neighborhood. So this one is extra special. Join me if you're around on those dates. I assure you, shit would be LIT ? #artjam #billboard #communityart #thenorthremembers

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The Sembawang Billboard, Stage 1. Powered by kids. Stage 2 detailing and more to be added this coming June 24th @ 720A Woodlands Ave 6

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Fun pet painting event at Mimosa Park yesterday. Large canvases and easels sprawled all over the park and energetic private residents from that area. Truly a great event even though the weather was pretty rough at the end(thankfully). Above all, a great wholesome outdoor painting/picnic event that my shitty snapshots couldn't do justice. Also, I stained my pricey sneakers big time that it could give most hypebeast a mild aneurysm. #chiokidsclub #outdoorpainting

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Got a new pupper aka the cutest doglet in the planet in the history of dog dog ever #icebear #webarebear #maltipoo #designerbreed #puppy

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Snapshots and progress images of CHINGAY e-mobile trishaws. I was so all over the place the past month that I forgot to take pictures of the finished mobiles - all 6 of them. And the many projects after that. Partly because of the weather and the fact that I figured that it was rushed and uninspired. The following months I haven't had time sit down and sharing much because I was too busy and it felt like I had a table full of uneaten dishes. Felt like shit letting down my clients and even an old time friend of mine with underdelivered art. No one like to disappoi...Read more

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My first script mural complemented by a beautiful, rare Mercedes-Benz 300SL front bumper. Finally tried my hands on sign painting typography by hand with minimal tracing aid. Unnerving at first but confidence got hold and let it flow free like a Japanese mountain tofu deliveryman late in the night. Really hope I could do this again flawlessly, so I could go around doing shit like this again with just black paint, brush and a pair of balls.

Cool fact: My handwriting is still shit, so practically anyone could do this with enough focus/determination

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Day and night mural painting with the deskjet kids. For an exciting co-working space comin' up real soon #hustle

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Comfy trip to Malaysia to usher in the new year with my partner in crime. Hopefully 2018 would kick more ass. Happy new year, fellow friends!

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Day 3 snapshots and recap of Mekong Delta. Beautiful people and landscape. Stuck in traffic for many hours on the way back to the city because it was Christmas night. But it was quite a sight from the car, traversing along with the torrential stream of motorbikes

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