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CHANGE and not paying attention to the way it is

I have a lot of conversations online with other artists and creators. We tend to dive into politics and religion/philosophy. none of us are qualified to teach a class, but we like to think we are.lol

heres one of my posts. it may seem you are missing points of the conversation since this extracted from a series of points made by a handful of people. but I thought I'd share my last reply. even though it may seem random, I feel like I communicated points I haven't been able to make in the past so I wanted to document it and put in on my blog.

thanks for reading!! and don't forget to share as well.

"I think theres a stigma on people who talk and think the way I'm proposing and what Eagle is saying, that we want to be hippie tree huger communes isolated from the evils of men.

I personally am not saying that at all.

I just like the personal responsibility aspect of the future. Not the "take care of yourself" idea, thats the one that plagues our minds already. More like, by taking responsibility and being accountable for ones actions then you are really taking care of others as well. Because if you are truly being responsible then you are

taking in consideration that your actions affect others. I call it, being aware of my wake. in other words, being aware of my actions.

this is something you can instill in the younger generation without isolation. The native tribes of this land called it seventh generation thinking. in other words,

considering how your actions affect the 7th generation after yours. People today take action based on how it affects them today. Moses never saw the promised land. the lesson in Moses is the same as the tribes of the north americas...and its most likely something that many of the ancients took in consideration.

problem is man and his law. he replaces the law of nature with his own. Separation by using wealth and power is the ideal catalyst to such a replacement.

Gandhi said it best when he said "Be the Change you want from this world". or something to that affect. but basically, he's saying you can't be concerned by what others do, even if they are oppressing you. You have to continue to lead by example. others will follow. others will find their truth when others fight for theirs.

As of right now, there is a huge chasm, but its not gonna get any smaller if you're always making decisions based off its current size. you have to start with one step. one move. one leap of faith.

We're not free now, but yet its not condemned from conception.how did that happen?? we're all slaves who think we're free. the current game isn't working for the majority of us but yet its embraced as the way. people actually think this is the best way to live. the most efficient. they back it up with charts and grafts and go as far back in history as they choose to support their argument...but history is infinite. history has many examples of life and living. not all of which is the paradigm of the day.

I don't want to get people to do anything. thats control. I just want the option to not be controlled myself. if you want to drink. fine. smoke. fine. die because you do it too much, cool, thats up to you. telling you that you are wrong is how wars start.

But if we could just start the conversation about how the current way is not working and how if we took care of each other instead of controlling each other then I would argue we might see us actually prospering. But sometimes I fear that is for the next life because this life is set to challenge our values and our truths so we can carry that onto the next stage of existence. We pick a path of energy, negative or positive and we continue that path into the universe hoping to find balance of existence.

But to come back to earth, I would argue again that we don't need to isolate newborns to instill righteous values and new ways of thinking. I'm seeing it already. we already have it in us. I believe theres people on this board who think similar to me and they live in the same place everyone else does. so it is possible to think differently even with everyone thinking the same. its the classic tale. we write it in our comic books and animation. Joseph Campbell called it the MonoMyth.

We just get cynical when we try to apply it to our awake life.

I wonder if there was cynicism and sarcasm when we were unable to speak, before words were invented.

I don't even think that my ideal would mean everything is peaceful and happy. no, I believe in the balance. there will always be hard ship and suffering. Its naive to think other wise. but the idea is that the people who know better have the responsibility to act better and not let other peoples rules stop them from sharing their truth.

but it certainly won't happen if you concern yourself with "how things are"

just my thoughts"

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