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Whose Line is it Anyway?


   Yay, they finally sent me the photos of my shoot with Rado watches in high resolution!Beats the photos on paper today and the photos in magazines last week. The photos are ok though they made me do corny actions that oversell the watch.

  I went for an improv session today. It's basically a group of people acting spontaneously at the request of the audience. If you have not watched the improv show

 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' , you're really missing out.These guys are so talented. They act out any scenes the audience gives them on the spot.They  rhyme, they sing and they are so funny eventhough they were never given a scrīpt!

   Here is an example, we played a game on stage. The poor guys has to act as lovers cos the audience asked them too. There is no scrīpt but the catch is that the first guy had to say a sentence with the word that starts with 'A' and the second guy answers with a sentence with 'B'..and it goes on.For e.g.


Guy 1: A re you going to ignore me again?

Guy 2: B ut I have work to do tonight

Guy1: C an you be a little more sensitive to my feelings?

Guy 2: D on't start a fight again.

Guy 1:  E xcuse me? You're the one whose doing it again!

Guy 2: F reaking hell! Get a hold of yourself woman!

Guy 1: G od, I should have listened to my mother.Sob Sob

  It goes on to alphabets like 'X' and 'Z'.Playing with those guys allowed me to learn while having loads of fun. I couldn't stop laughing.

  When it came to my turn we had to act as a producer and a recording artist but the audience wanted us to start from 'W'!

1: W ill u take me as ur recording artist?

2: X -Factor! Do u have that X-Factor that I'm looking for?

1: Y ou can let me try first..

2: Z illions of people have said the same thing!

and it goes back to A .I had fun with all these games. The people there are so clever.

Here's a link to 'Whose Line is it Anyway' with Robin Williams in it.  Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11lRFvq8miQ

   I like the one where they had to act out the same scene differently according to random suggestions. Act hilly billy-like,then act lustfully and then like a river dance/musical. Hilarious!How do they come up with such funny statements randomly? Royal Salute!

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