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Mary Jane

Basically, I tried to sleep at 10pm but I failed miserably. The fact that I have been sleeping at 5am doesn't help either. I really need to get well! I had nothing to talk about my shoe dilemma. I am tempted to get myself either, the mary jane shoes or the platforms. Which should I get if I can only buy one pair? Ah, tough decisions in life...To think that Fergie even dedicated a song to her Mary Jane shoes!

But I'm only crazy about my shoes BEFORE they buy and wear them. I find myself kind of cursing them after I suffer in them after. Putting all that aside, I still want a new pair of killer shoes!!After today's shoot, I think I'm gonna pamper myself. You're right Carrie Bradshaw, a woman has a right to shoes!

  Fergie - Mary Jane Shoes Lyrics

(feat. Rita Marley, The I-Three's)

When I wear - my mary jane's shoes

I can escape - from a blues

The whole world seems a little bit brighter, brighter

My heavy steps get a little bit louder, louder

Wooh my mary jane's [4x]

When I wear - my mary jane's shoes

Just like a child - under bruise

My heart and my soul - they feel like I'm seven

But from my head to my toels

It's like I'm in heaven, heaven

Wooh my mary jane's [4x]

When I wear mary jane's shoes

I enjoy to spin - the ones and toes

Music has another dimension

And I can dance with another perception

Wooh my mary jane's [4x]


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so which one shd I get?
almost 17 years ago
Photo 33193
wow thanks!! That's useful comment there. My friends refuse to register just to comment. ah well..maybe i shd post the same in another blog
almost 17 years ago


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