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I'm not a plastic bag


     I was awoken by a phone call all the way from Malaysia today. It was my GBF (gay boyfriend). He reminded me that today, Anya Hindmarch Hong Kong will start selling the new environmental-friendly shopping bag.

   I then recalled the lovely bag I wanted after seeing my friend from new York carry one at IFC. My lawyer girlfriend acquired the franchise to Anya Hindmarch in Malaysia so I took a particular liking to the brand. I have one with the real photo of the white bunny. It's so adorable!

  Therefore, I took off only to find that the shop is closed! It opened only for a few hours and as soon as the quota for the new bag is fulfilled so the customers can't even buy other bags! I can only imagine the queue in the morning for this bag.  I know that the bag is 100 over HK dollars but I think it's the queue and quota that makes the bag more interesting.     

   It reminds me of the time when MacDonalds sold Hello Kitty and Daniel. I was 18 and I never took an interest in the cat until I was drawn by the crowd. 

This is a good example of herd mentality. Guys would queue up and eat MacDs everyday just to get kitties for the girls.

  A few years down the road, you see me queuing up for a guy instead! My GBF gets b*tcher than most girls if he doesnt get the latest fashion. Gosh, he has more bags than I do! Tsk..Tsk..

By the way, I went out with only 2 missions today. I needed to get that Hinmarch bag and my mary jane shoes.

The outcome: one bag,one hairband,3 new pairs of shoes, 5 new outfits but NO Mary Jane shoes and NO Hindmarch bag!

  I'm going to attempt something new tomorrow at IFC. I'm going to bring the exact amount of cash I need to fulfil my mission for the day and leave my cards at home. The girls gasps Oh well, I'm NOT going to be lured into buying anything I don't need again....at least this week.Wish me luck!

It's fun to read the madness such a simple bag can trigger.

"Trendy shoppers with nothing but time queued up as early as 4:00 AM to get their manicured little hands on British designer Anya Hindmarch's limited edition, eco-friendly $15 canvas handbag emblazoned with the words, "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" across it. That bag will go perfectly with your SUV!

By 2:00 PM the bags were sold out, but fashionistas can still hit up eBay -- where they are going for more than $100".



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Thanks babe! I would blame Fergie for luring me into buying Mary Jane:p I like Snoopy;)
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