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Diamonds are a girls' best friend

   I had to do a shoot  at the IFC today but I woke up with tummy ache,sore throat and  flu! Nevertheless, I made it in time.Yay! The funny thing is, I always forget about my sickness and my worries when I'm in the middle of work.

  However, I think the bling blings played a bigger role in diverting my attention from the illness this time. I was like a firefly, drawn to the light. But when I heard that a set costs like 10 millions dollars, I suddenly gave up. I don't think I'll pay for rocks in that way, even if I miraculously become flithy rich.   

   I chuckled as I recalled the question from my make up artist.She asked me if I'll get the jewellery after the shoot. If only I was JLo, I thought. I didn't even get to keep the black Escada dress which I thought was perfect my wardrobe.Oh well, Miss JLo-not is gonna get some pills and some rest. Good night:)


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Hello and welcome to my blog! About myself: I am an artiste because \'The secret of life is not to do what you like but to like what you do!\'-Anon- I

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