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Country Music Artist Michael Desselle Releases 2 New Singles To The Public

ranluron@aol.com Website:
http://www.michaeldesselle.comCountry Artist Michael Desselle, formerly known as Molten Mike has just released back to back singles through Ranluron Music."These 2 songs are the third and forth singles released for the "I'm All In" full length CD. The "A" side is "Low Tech Redneck". This song spoofs the modern day computer age and every line is a humerous look at how we cope with the meaning of words. For example: I sing in the first verse "I ain't much at Twitter but I'll fry you up some fritters just right. I thought Yahoo was somthin' that you yell on Saturday Night. I thought a gig was a show, if that ain't confusin' enough. I thought My Space is where, is where I kept my stuff." You get the idea? The second song or the "B" side is titled "Goin' Back to Tennessee" and is a perfect line dancing tempo.

The song's Chorus goes "I'm goin' back to Tennessee, I got a girl on top of that mountain, I know she's waitin for me. I'm goin' back to the one I love, She's got the body of a devil but the face,the face of an angel above, angel above." These two singles are extremely Country and feature the Bay Area's top pickers and players including Kenny K on Steel Guitar and Telecaster, Billy Sandlin on Banjo, John Richard on Fiddle, Glenn Stevenson on Bass, Ralph Famiglietti on Mandolin and Randall Ierna on Drums and percussion. Both songs were recorded and mastered at ESP, our favorite studio with the incomparable Glenn Laubaugh at the controls. These songs will be offered on the new full length CD along with "One Little Love" a Country Waltz love song, and "Thank a Soldier" a tribute to all of our troops who have served or are now serving our Country. Other songs slated for release soon are "Wouldn't Treat a Dog Like That" "That Old Time Music", "Some Cowgirls", "The Meaning of Lover" and "Gas on the Flames".said Michael."I am extremely excited about this fabulous project". said Randall Ierna, Publisher and Executive Producer of Ranluron Music, BMI. "Michael has really nailed the genre with these new songs. He has been writing and recording his music with us for 14 years and has put out 5 full length CD's, with 60 original songs and tunes.

His prior works have garnered many great reviews and he has received airplay all over the world.

Four of his Albums "Chameleon, "The Movie", "Genuine Bluesman", and "Blues Meltdown" were rated number 1 Albums in 5 catagories on MP3tunes. His fifth CD is a compilation of 20 Roots Blues and Country Blues and was produced for his first Australian tour and re-released for his second tour. After all those CD's, He switched genres and now is a full time Country Artist. Michael has received 18 music awards and nominations including "Best Songwriter", "Best Singer", "Best Guitarist" and "Best Entertainer" awards. He has played 7 years of Pre-Game entertainment with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,2 seasons of Pre-Game entertainment with the Tampa Bay Rays, and has appeared and performed at many Festivals and Events. He has toured Australia twice and has played at all the major Festivals there." concluded Randall.Michael Desselle's songs can be listened to and hard copies or downloads can be purchased by going to CDBABY.com, Itunes, Allmusic and Digstation,and many other download sites.DJ's can download Michaels music on www.airplaydirect.com as well as www.airplayaccess.comFor more information on Michael go to his website www.michaeldessele.com or just Google his name.Michael is currently seeking representation for his upcoming US and International tours.

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