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Fadi Awad Makes History & Wins In The Global Music Awards!

May 8th 2015, a date that Fadi Awad will never forget! As he won the Silver Medal for his Outstanding Achievements as a DJ/Producer throughout the years, highlighting also his track "Free Your Mind" that was nominated as well in the Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2014! Fadi is a multi-genres DJ/Producer and music composer/songwriter, inspired by all what's beautiful from every genre that popped up from the eighties until today!... Fadi Awad is the only DJ/Producer who reached the final stage of the GMA in May 2015, and he made History by becoming the first DJ/Producer from Vancouver and Lebanon to win in the Global Music Awards!!! Fadi thanked the GMA Organizers, Jury, his team and supporters, hoping for the best, and added:" I have made many music achievements throughout the years without sponsorship neither being hosted by a Major Label. I've ran successfully my Independent Labels in which I have collaborated with top artists from all around the world… 90% of our tracks were highly charted in the digital stores and some of them were charted in several National Charts: US, UK, Germany, France and more… It is time to sign with a Major Label or a sponsor especially that the effective promotion of the top industry's level is very costy!"… A reporter then asked him: "If a serious media or a big investor wants to build an effective completed music Industry in Canada or Vancouver that produces talents to the world with or without foreign collaborations, and asked for your professional assistance, will you be able to do that?"… Fadi replied: "If it's serious, it can be discussed! I have helped and still assisting many artists there in several fields, in a friendly way! I have also composed some of my albums & singles in Vancouver, where I'm always inspired positively!"… Another reporter asked him: "You always used to say that USA is the mother of the worldwide artists, do you think that USA is getting stronger or weaker music wise?"… Fadi replied: "USA is getting stronger and stronger in this field and I'm very thankful music wise to all who appreciated my music, and supported me in USA and worldwide!"…

Follow Fadi Awad's news and updates here:

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Introducing Soundation Chrome Studio: The Most Advanced Cloud Music Making Software Today

PowerFX Systems, developers of the most popular online music making app Soundation Studio, has released Soundation Chrome Studio, the most powerful cloud based music production software of its kind yet.

It all started with the mission to provide everyone with the possibility to make music on the web. Soundation Chrome Studio is a complete platform where artists can create, post and share their projects from any computer connected to the internet without ever downloading any software. You can even distribute your song to Spotify, iTunes and other services without leaving Soundation Studio.

"We created a native application with an entirely new audio engine for Google Chrome" states CEO Bil Bryant, "With over 1.2 million registered users and 420,000 songs posted by our user community, we wanted to provide an even better performing platform that demands less from your CPU and has lower recording latency".

Soundation Studio is also the first music creation software to connect to Google+ Hangouts, allowing for up to 9 artists to co-create music in real time with video chat capabilities.

For more information and to start making music right away, go to

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NY Artist JES Debuts ThingLink Interactive Video With ITunes Store Inside Facebook Timeline

Magik Muzik recording artist JES has debuted ThingLink’s new interactive video format inside Facebook Timeline.

Bands and video producers can now use ThingLink to add music discovery, movie rentals, stores and call to action to the surface of any Facebook, YouTube or Brightcove video.

ThingLink offers over 70 unique rich media tags that let viewers browse information from 3rd party websites directly from images and videos. ThingLink’s new iTunes rich media tag includes full album listings and options to preview and buy songs.

“As visual media has become our window to the Internet, ThingLink helps online video publishers to deepen their storytelling and drive conversion with tasteful interactive storefronts and discovery options that engage fans,” says founder and CEO Ulla Engeström.

JES added, “ThingLink's new iTunes product tag provides a new sense of discovery within music. My fans have a unique opportunity to explore, sample and download additional songs in my full catalogue all without leaving the current music video or behind-the-scenes video they are enjoying at the moment. I'm thrilled to be a part of this ever growing world of discovery that interactive content is providing.”

ThingLink interactive videos contain clickable rich media tags with several types of call to action options: storefronts, video play, email collection, and surveys. Rich media tags appear for viewers during play giving an option to explore the embedded content while pausing the video in the background.

Interactive elements in video multiply viewer engagement, including time spent and and click through rates.

Annotating a video with web links is easy. Simply copy and paste links into ThingLink’s editor. ThingLink automatically transforms and displays the web link as a rich media tag. ThingLink also offers tools to customize rich media tags with branding, icons, images, and several font types and colors.

ThingLink interactive videos are embeddable in web pages and deliver new, real-time performance metrics from across the web, including video views, tag displays, clicks and actions, time on video, and more.

# #

About ThingLink
Founded in 2010, ThingLink brings a new dimension to visual media by enabling digital content creators to enrich and share images and videos with rich media links. Nearly two million publishers, brands, bloggers, and educators in 190 countries use ThingLink to drive engagement, reach, and conversion through visual media. For more information visit

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Hydra Management And Video City Offer The Ultimate Video Promotion Opportunity!

On June 4th thru 7th Urban Network will hold its annual Back 2 Basics Conference at the Crowne Plaza in San Diego California. Hydra Management, known for it’s prowess as the developers and managers of emerging talent has partnered with Video City TV to provide artist attending the conference with an unparalleled promotional opportunity.

Hydra Management has partnered with Video City TV to Professionally Video Tape all artist performances in High Definition. A professional fully edited video copy of artist performances will be made available to the artist for their professional and personal uses. In an effort to assist these talented emerging artists in their effort to showcase their talents to a national audience, Video City TV will interview each artist who takes advantage of this promotional opportunity and air the interview along with their performance on Video City TV. Video City TV is a National Video TV Program with a viewership of 5 Million on Time Warner Television.

In addition, Bongo Boy TV with a viewership of close to 10 Million will also air the performances. Bongo Boy whose video program airs on Time Warner, Comcast, RCN, NBC Universal and many others will join Video City and Hydra Management in their efforts to offer national exposure on Network Television for emerging artist who would otherwise not have access to or be able to afford these opportunities.

If you are an artist, whether singer, rapper or dancer and are interested in having your performance and an interview with Video City TV aired Nationally to over 15 Million viewers you don’t want to miss the Urban Network Back 2 Basics Conference at the Crowne Plaza in San Diego California June 4th thru June 7th 2015.

To sign up and for more information contact:

LeRoy C. Brown, Jr.
Hydra Management Services, LLC
914 443 1265

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Rapper Inspekta unveils clown themed video for new single "Jump Jump"

Nigerian born, London based Inspekta is back with a new ode to living life, discussing societies sheepish tactics with a new music video fueled by fun. The rapper talks about the wrongs in the world, but is seeing it for what it is, poking fun at it by wearing a clown outfit.

The track boasts a catchy hook and chorus. "Jump Jump" produced by Jay Picasso, is the latest lift from the solo artists forthcoming album, Live Your Life, and comes as a more thought provoking follow-up to last year’s stream of music which Inspekta released on his SoundCloud page.

"The message behind the track aims to raise awareness of how we as a society may fall victims to marketing campaigns and unreal lifestyles portrayed on TV. Essentially saying we ‘Jump Jump’ when advertisers / marketers tell us to buy into the products they want to sell whether we actually need it or not." said Inspekta.

You can expect Live Your Life to be a reflection of Inspekta admitting to what he thinks is wrong with the world, while he also seeks to motivate the listener to discover pursue their passion.

Featuring a sway-inducing poppy theme, Inspekta lashes out on the wickedly catchy hook. "Jump Jump" has the truth written all over it. Stream it exclusively below, and keep an eye out for the LYL album.

Music Video:


Inspekta jump jump 2
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Young Blaze unveils fun new track "I Get Sex"

Some rappers have fast cars and a gold chain. When we asked Young Blaze what he’s got, he replied "I Get Sex". Setting the tone ahead of the rapper's forthcoming EP release, Blaze's new single is full of sexual metaphors, sarcastic wordplay and memorable verses that'll equally excite and entertain you.

Available as a stream on SoundCloud (above) or to purchase via iTunes now. The single is ready and awaits your attention.



Youngblaze pic 2
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i2N: Eurovision Song Contest; Muzicol Revolution; ShoutOmatic Artist Hotlines

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NY Artist JES Debuts ThingLink Interactive Video With ITunes Store Inside Facebook Timeline

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WCMA Nominated Canadian DJ Soulier will be performing at Wuhan's Chic Club on June 6th as part of his China tour...

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Clotilde will be performing her new project "Madeleine et Salomon" with Alexandre Saada at Shanghai's Chair Club...

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