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Third Release From New Label SoulHouse Music

``` The latest release from SoulHouse Music is a remake of the Luther Vandross classic 'I Wanted Your Love'. The original dance floor classic was the opening track to his third studio album 'Busy Body' released in 1983 and written with producer and bassist Marcus Miller.

The cover will no doubt set dance floors alight worldwide. It features a trio of talent that comprises Mr Brian Power and Ronnie Herel (Mi-Soul Radio) and the vocal genius of Ali Tennant, often likened to the late legend.Read more

https://t.co/HCWZSa28jg - Singer-Songwriter @AngelaPredhomme Gaining Exposure, Recognition https://t.co/VSDcIy1534

https://t.co/HCWZSa28jg - @gale_forces 'Strawberry Peak' Record Release Show At El Cid Friday, February 24th https://t.co/sf6IFO9rXd

RT @melissablive: Readbana US online game now with Melissa B music -- https://t.co/pEYaMXV20I

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Gig Performer 1.5 enables keyboardists, guitarists, vocalists, and entire bands to assemble their favorite... https://t.co/jtDYHM8Yev

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We're pleased to announced the signing of Earl Pereira - Musician Songwriter Producer and his Canadian... https://t.co/jgSmCiWGM4

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RT @SouthernStisles: https://t.co/WyYpGIZawi - DATES ANNOUNCED FOR THE HARD WORK PAYS OFF TOUR 2017 https://t.co/KfmQtowRbz

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RT @KingsHaremBand: CD Press Release of 'Feels Real Good' @KingsHaremBand @NYCFactoryFast https://t.co/ymUqoRYJfJ @Flufferrocks Thanks👍 4 m…

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RT @ActionJets: Who wants to hear #indierock #hits? Check out @ActionJets new release "Breakin' Through" https://t.co/YXhCF6am71

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RT @CISACNews: On #Mi2N, @CISACNews & @_ARIPO step up cooperation in #Africa through landmark Memorandum of Understanding https://t.co/Xeth…

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December 18, 2009

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