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https://t.co/HCWZSajJaO - Whitney McClain is continuing to giving the gift of song this holiday season, by creating… https://t.co/KY8PGQ5Fpr

Twice The Holiday Feel-Good Vibe From NYC Indie Rockers

For 25 years The Baghdaddios have churned along, trolling the seedier dive bars of New York City that were fortunate enough to have a sound system and a cabaret license. Occasionally they graced the spotlight of some higher profile venues (including their third-ever show at iconic punk birthplace CBGB). Somewhere along the way, between the indie CD releases, music videos, trips to other countries and criss-crossing various part of the U.S., they got a bright idea in their 5th year that resulted in the p...Read more

Angela Predhomme releases new holiday music "Holidayolio"

``` The soulful music of artist / songwriter Angela Predhomme has been heard by millions through the popular TV show "Dance Moms," in addition to a long list of other TV credits. She is happy to announce the release of holiday song collection, "Holidayolio" on December 1, 2017.

Predhomme's new EP features a range of styles, from the lighthearted, catchy "Ring Ring" to the more reflective "Peace on My Little Piece of Earth," and a laid back...Read more

https://t.co/HCWZSajJaO - Music Reports' Claiming System Marks A Million Tracks Claimed As Publisher Engagement Acc… https://t.co/k4lUxDU84v

https://t.co/HCWZSajJaO - Leonardo Pavkovic's MoonJune Records Keeps Progressive Jazz & Fusion Alive – A Labor Of L… https://t.co/ggt2NNmmQv

Twice The Holiday Feel-Good Vibe From NYC Indie Rockers https://t.co/2K6xwv8qQ0

We're bringing Holiday cheer to China with some awesome Christmas tunes that will warm your heart by Roberta... https://t.co/BCdEpo1Xji

https://t.co/HCWZSajJaO - Do you ever hear a song that sounds like it should be featured in a TV show? Rhett Repko… https://t.co/RI7U3EQvj1

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https://t.co/HCWZSajJaO - London alt. rockers 'Fast Boyfriends' to release new album after two year wait https://t.co/KkxxEWEwgv

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Second Year In A Row Bongo Boy Has Released A Holiday Album That Will Spread Christmas Cheer

New album release on Bongo Boy Records LETS HAVE A ROCKIN CHRISTMAS VOL 2 by Various Artists include Holiday Season songs by the following artists: Wayne Olivieri, Jody Quine & the Big Mr. C (Dan Berggren), Mike Peacock, Clifford Curry, Katie Garibaldi, Ricky Persaud Jr., Charles Brown, Paul Michael Tondreau, Ruth Weber and Chapman SoundCheck, Bobby Rue, Spyder Darling, Diana Barash, Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band, Yona Pax and Ray Powers.
Release Date...Read more

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December 18, 2009

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