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https://t.co/HCWZSa28jg - @HybridStudiosCA Adds To Gear Collection https://t.co/eFPb8bGpPS #recordingstudio #musicgear #OrangeCounty

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https://t.co/HCWZSa28jg - Welcome To The New Age by @lesfradkin https://t.co/2vvh3BMqEE

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https://t.co/HCWZSa28jg - Bachot Muna Jazzes Up 2017 With His Soulful New Single 'A Muto 'The Woman'' https://t.co/e6iiWxnDBX @Bachot2Bachot

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coolnewfollower : @ZelenaHull

I am Country Rock Singer and songwriter Zelena Hull

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RT @NYCFactoryFast: Here's the @MusicDish press release for our "In Your Ears Ring The Bells of 1000 Carousels" compilation https://t.co/jw…

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An Underdog's Tale

``` Over the years of being a publicist I have had the pleasure of writing press releases and other material for some very talented artists. I have always enjoyed writing for Chicago R&B artist Brandon James. Over time his story has unveiled itself and unraveled within his music. I've had the privilege of writing this story and coordinating its delivery to fans and media. It is truly the story of a underdog who against all odds has pursued his dreams and is now watching those dreams come true. Below is a recent interview I did ...Read more

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This original song by recording artist Rick Denzien describes a love story between a boy and a girl in his music... https://t.co/PPK0z3dtsI

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SMOKE (Mary Jane Wanna) is the debut single of Surf Bru off his upcoming album Surfbruski https://t.co/pPmAXkE1H0

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ReAmp Recording Studios In Orange County Announces New Ownership And Grand Re-Opening Celebration On May 4

``` ReAmp Recording Studios has announced their sale and upcoming grand re-opening celebration of their thriving studio in Southern California. The professional recording destination remains in business daily, and has exciting plans for growth in 2017. The ReAmp team invites friends, family and local media to a special invite-only event on May 4, 2017 to kick off new ownership and expanded studio offerings.

Local entrepreneurs Sharifa Dickenson ...Read more

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New York City, United States
December 18, 2009

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