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Atlanta Based Hip-Hop Artist Buck$ Releases New Single "It's Been A Long Time"

http://www.myspace.com/buckBMA Music:
http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/its-been-a-long-time-ep/id359269521Krian Music Group announced the release of the single "It's Been A Long Time" from up and coming artist Buck$. The single is a collaboration with another noted Atlanta-based artist, Bobby V, and also contains the hard-hitting B-Side entitled "Neckwork." BUCK$ is presently recording and producing other songs for his upcoming debut album, which is slated for a summer release.Addressing the issue of how the song came about, Buck$ stated, "It was initially about one woman in particular, but I expanded it to become a love letter to the streets. I originally recorded it in my Atlanta home studio, and after I had the beats, the lyrics just came to me. I actually wrote the lyrics to the song in about seven minutes." Buck$ recently built what he calls a $100,000 studio for $5,000 by piecing together a vocal booth and soundproofing it with suitable materials that were given to him by friends, colleagues, and even some things that he found on the streets.Definitely hands on when it comes to his music, Buck$ handles most of the production and beats, as well as writing his lyrics. He does, however, occasionally collaborate with other artists to add that "something special" to the mix. While known as a rapper, though, it is difficult to categorize him as such because he incorporates sounds and rhythms from other genres into his music to produce a sound that is quite unique. Buck$ acknowledges that he is a student of the golden age of hip hop and R&B, and believes that "when you're on the stage, you should have something of importance to say to the world. I use my real life experiences, even tragedies that have befallen me, as motivation for my music."Regarding his upcoming CD, Buck$ stated, "Preparation for the album is in its final stages, but as far as the process goes, I'm still working on new tracks. I never know when the next collaboration will come about. To me, the record isn't finalized until the due date."Critiquing "It's Been A Long Time," Jon Peritz of MusicDish said, "It has a very genuine sound to it and is one that fans from many genres can appreciate. Distinctive R&B and hip hop melodies work together with funky rhythms to produce a very energetic, captivating feel good song that makes you want to dance. Bobby V's smooth voice is the perfect complement to Buck$'s rhymes and the two vocalists play off the energetic instrumental track with skill and precision, accompanied by flutes, chants, and percussion. The magnetic hook and backing track bring it all together perfectly."Buck$ has worked with and produced artists such as Dem Franchise Boyz, the Trap Squad, D4L, Fabo, Lil Yola, Meathead, and Parlay."It's Been A Long Time can be purchased at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/its-been-a-long-time-ep/id359269521 http://www.myspace.com/buckBMAContact:

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