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Your One item To Do List

At the beginning of every year I set a few must accomplish goals for the year.  I always try to make them realistic but challenging.

My mother once conveyed to me wisdom from business education - "Every day there can only be one more important thing."

I think you could say that of a year too.

So, what I'd like to know, is what is YOUR one most important thing for next year?

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me is to work in one good music production company. n yours"?
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Not so much a resolution ... I have the same guideline every year: Don't die and don't kill anyone.
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Challenge yourself to be specific. Seriously. Commit to something concrete. If the possibilities are too open, the chance of achieving it, decreases (except in Dan F's case perhaps :) Even if it isn't a career thing - maybe it's "learn English" "learn Mandarin" Pick something though which has been a part of your life lingering and unfinished for a period of time such that it weighs on you in some way. D'in's for example - specific. If that's his goal and he starts thinking up steps to get there - every day tries to make some effort to make that happen - it's going to happen. loctaipham - try narrowing it down. Say "I will write a screenplay" or "I will write three screenplays" (and work them until they are great... not just abandon them)... you could add "and find and work on a project I truly believe in." sure... ...but things for which you can have steps. MindyG - that's really poetic and would be a great line for a song. How do you want to change your life? What is missing? littlezj - is this your last year of school? Okay - fair enough! What will you do right afterwards. dragonttattoo - you don't have to share the personal details - but I suspect you do have something specific in mind... that's good - make sure you understand what you are forgiving and forgetting and when you make it a goal it will happen. but just like anything else, don't think that steps are not necessary - make yourself some steps - a series of things which when complete will have accomplished this goal. It's seriously no different than a career goal. Mine? Ah ha! Another blog in the near future. It will not be shocking.
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