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Power is gained by making decisions.

So often we worry about making the right choice when, in reality, the result of many decisions are simply based on random luck.

If you make decisions based on an educated guess - you have a greater than not chance of being right and with enough decisions, you will come out ahead in the long run.

Most of the successful people I've spent time with are very decisive in their approach to everything.

Be sure to calculate risk.  If you're deciding to spend your enitre life savings on a lottery ticket - you've obviously not done your research and so this would not be an educated guess.  Understand the risk in all decisions and remember that your goal is to make more decisions in the future, so don't create a situation where you're "all in" on one decision.  If you flip a coin, you have a 50% chance of getting one side or the other.  However, if you flip a coin 100 times, you are statistically likely to get one side six times in a row.

Life is like that.  So - if you're going to be making 100 decisions (and you will be) prepare yourself to lose six times in a row.  Sometimes people will make some bad decisions and then will lose the power to decide because they've become convinced that they only make bad choice - they become frozen by fear.  It's important to remember the coin toss statistics at this time.  The only thing you can do is keep making more educated decisions and get on the flip side of the coin.

It would be easy to challenge this idea.  I could list a hundred things right now which would be unwise things to decide - but that is why you are not making random decisions - you're making educated decisions.  And you're keeping some reserve so that you can make at least another six decisions of equal power.

Most imporrantly, however, is to look at this from the other way around:

If you spend your life in a state of uncertainty and wavering - nothing is ever accomplished. 

Everyone has these moments...  Some people live in them.  Sometimes balance is lost and the decision to buy a so-and-so from one place or another to save a couple dollars ends up taking hours while later hundreds of dollars is spent in minutes.  Watch out for those imbalanced moments.  Do some research, make your decision, move on.  Whether you're right or wrong, you made something happen and you're off to the next thing.  If you make many decisions, you'll eventually have people in awe of how much you've accomplished

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Yr post was totally relevant to me.Im grateful.:) Sometimes when im absolutely sure abt something,and a whole lot of pple tell me the negative just for the sake of it,really,when they think it's a voice of concern,it shakes my certainty and I feel myself going downwards.But it's educated guesses vs no-credibility talk,so i think im gg to stick to my guts.
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