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KONGKAST is now 100 !!!

Kewl! Did someone mention that our Kongkast BIG 100 Party in Hong Kong feat. GOTH-TRAD was off the hook?!?! :)

After a quick holiday recovery (well… sort of), we’re back online with the big double digit KONGKAST edition! That’s right, KONGKAST – Hong Kong’s DNB podcast is now 100!!!

Firstly, we want to thank all of our special guest Deejays/Producers who have spent their time and effort and blessed our listeners  with their best, freshest and tastiest Drum and Bass and Dubstep music.

It has been a fun trip on a long road since we started broadcasting DJ mixsets back in 2006. The KONGKAST listenership has grown with every episode, encouraging us to keep pushing on. It has without doubt been an interesting journey for us at Kongkretebass, and a great opportunity to connect with many talented musicians from across the board.

BIG LOVE also goes out to all our listeners from around the world. There are several ten’s of thousands of bass lovers who download each (!) episode. LARGE UP to you all!

Many thanks to everyone who has sent us emails, been involved and been supporting KONGKAST.

The BIG #100 KONGKAST is mixed and presented by no other than the dude who started it all with undying dedication and love for the basslines – Kongkretebass’ DJ WASH aka RYC. Now get on the download… crank up the volume and enjoy!

You can find track list and d/l link for this Kongkast episode below…

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KONGKAST #100 – feat. DJ Wash/Ryc (Kongkretebass/ Hong Kong )

(artist – title)

1. SpectraSoul – 4 Points Feat. Kenny Knots

2. D Kay and Lee – Tuning (VIP)

3. Subwave – Dreamcatcher

4. SpectraSoul – I Was 10

5. Break – Let It Happen (VIP)

6. SpectraSoul – How Strange

7. HLZ – 140 Dub

8. Break – Now It’s Going

9. SpectraSoul – Mimic

10. Ink and Perpetuum – Jungle Book

11. SpectraSoul – Supression

12. HLZ – Project X

13. Logistics – Warehouse

14. Nextmen ft Ms Dynamite – Lion’s Den (Truth Remix)

15. Skream and Breakage – Skreakage

16. Cyrus – Space Cadet

17. Skream – Memories Of 3rd Base

18. Major Lazer feat. VYBZ Kartel – Pon De Floor (TrillBass Remix)

19. Skream – Trapped In A Dark Bubble

20. N1D – Sin City test

21. DJ Fresh – Heavyweight (Benny Page & Zero T Remix)

22. Trolley Snatcher – The Future

23. Sub Scape – Nothings Wrong

24. The Upbeats – Macabre ft. Crushington


Our immensely popular podcast was started by Kongkretebass DJ Wash 3 years ago – and its 100th episode will be broadcast to the world this September October. Since 2006, KONGKAST has flourished and grown to become Asia’s premiere source for fresh dnb and dubstep DJ mixes. TENS of thousands of listeners enjoy the bass packed KONGKAST mixes EVERY week. From exclusive guest mixes by the scene’s heavy-hitters to exposing Asia/ Oceania emerging talents – KONGKAST never fails to shake up your bass bins.

Kongkast info in Chinese: (written by Blood Dunza)

3 年前香港Drum and Bass幫派Kongkretebass 的Dj Wash 創造了KONGKAST – 每週無間斷在港發佈他喜愛的DnB 和Dubstep音樂到全世界 , DJ們的混音作品讓人們在Kongkretebass 網站免費下載 , 3年後的今日 , KONGKAST受到各地的低音迷喜愛,比如大名鼎鼎BBC Radio的Fabio在他的節目中訪問我們的Dj Wash 報道一下Kongkast -也成為那週推介的Podcast. KONGKAST也成為亞洲下載率最高的DnB 和Dubstep音樂節目.

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HELLO! We like Drum & Bass and Dubstep music. We organise parties, we DJ, we write our own music and we run KONGKAST - Asia's largest podcast for these g

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