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KONGKAST #99 – Drum n’ Bass mix feat. Proxima (Shogun LTD, Frequency, Crunch Recordings/ Netherlands )

Yes Yes! We are back with yet another heavy weight Drum and Bass mix. At Kongkretebass, we always try to deliver different flavors of Drum and Bass (and Dubstep) – and this week’s mix does just that.

Kongkast #99 brings to you one of Kongkretebass’ favorite rising young producers in the scene – The Netherland’s  Proxima (Shogun LTD, Frequency, Crunch Recordings) . With releases on labels such as Shogun LTD, Frequency, Crunch, Inneractive and Renegade Recordings , Proxima’s signature beats and bass have been supported by the big names in the scene.

Since his first release on Renegade Recordings, Kongkretebass has been keeping a keen ear on his wicked productions and this time around he shows us how it’s done in the mix.

Many thanks to Proxima for this exclusive set for KONGKAST #99 (which is already on heavy rotation at the Kongkrete HQ).

Get on the download… crank up the volume and enjoy!

You can find track list and d/l link for this Kongkast episode below…

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KONGKAST #99 – feat. Proxima (Shogun LTD, Frequency, Crunch Recordings/ Netherlands )

(artist – title – label)

1. Icicle – Reincarnation (Shogun Audio)

2. Friction and K-Tee – Set It Off (Shogun Audio)

3. Lomax – Mercia (RAM Records)

4. Alix Perez – Stray (Icicle RMX) (Shogun Audio)

5. Survival – Sky (Dispatch Recordings)

6. Spectrasoul – I Was 10 (SGN:LTD)

7. Icicle – Cold Revenge (Renegade Hardware)

8. Proxima – You Aint Ready (SGN:LTD)

9. Trei – Livewire (SGN:LTD)

10. Heist – She’s Cold 2 (Co-Lab Recordings)

11. Noisia – Bells Of (Metalheadz)

12. Rufige Kru – Something About You (D Bridge RMX) (Metalheadz)

13. Cern – Timeslip (Samurai Music)

14. Proxima – Serengeti (SGN:LTD)

About Proxima:

Proxima was 15 when he had his first encounter with drum n bass. Heavily inspired by this new musical discovery, he started producing beats and buying records. With some help from his cousin Icicle it didn’t take long before he had interested some people with his music.

In 2008 his first releases were fact, no longer fiction. Also reinforcing Eindhoven’s main Drum’n’bass night Icon that same year proved to be a important step in Proxima’s ever growing acknowledgement in the scene.

Signed on labels such as Frequency, Shogun and Verse’s Crunch , Proxima is on his way to establish himself as a well known producer, getting much support from big names in the scene.

Many dnb artists have inspired Proxima over the years; Jonny L, Photek, Source Direct, Calibre, D-Bridge and others. Because of their astonishing sounds Proxima keeps getting pushed to take his beats to a next level.

Watch out for this one, the end is nowhere to be found yet.

Proxima’s Myspace:


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