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Kongkast #77 ft. Alley Cat (ESP, Reinforced, Feline/ UK)

Welcome back to the Kongkretebass Kongkast and KUNG HEI FAT CHOI !

Our first guest mix in the Chinese ‘Year Of the Ox’ comes exclusively from one of the busiest ladies in the London drum and bass scene, Dj Alley Cat .

As a DJ, producer, booking agent and resident of Feline, a monthly London club-night run by all-female dnb collective of Mc’s and DJs, Alley Cat is surrounded by music 24/7. For the 77th episode of KONGKAST , Alley Cat shares with you (in her own words) “a slice of what touches [her] soul at this moment”. A mix of deep dnb with plenty of dubz from around the globe and a couple of her own…

Many thanks to Miss Alley Cat for putting together this special selection for KONGKAST - Hong Kong’s dnb podcast!

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Track listing and more about DJ ALLEY CAT below…



KONGKAST #77 - ft. ALLEY CAT (ESP, Feline, Skunkrock, Reinforced/ UK) - exclusive studio mix

1. Blu Mar Ten – Above Words

2. D Bridge – Wonder Where (Exit)

3. ASC – Caesium (Vampire)

4. Danger Inc – Homework

5. Alley Cat – Drum’n’Lace

6. Lynx & Kemo – Dangerous (Soul : r)

7. Kiat – Dub Vader

8. Bal – Marquee Moon (Influence)

9. Data – Vice (Metalheadz)

10. Blue Mar Ten – If I could Tell You

11. Soul Intent – Release

12. Alley Cat – Sweet Spot

13. Calibre – Ringtone (Samurai Music)

14. Sato – Scorched

15. Instra:mental & D Bridge – Translucent (Darkestral)

16. Dan Habernam – The Flower (Play:music)

17. Naibu – Newport (Soul:r)

DJ Alley Cat

About Alley Cat:

Alley Cat landed in the UK nearly a decade ago to help out at the Skunkrock Productions headquarters in London. At the time she helped to build up the label’s name as a producer, touring DJ, and label A & R / promoter.

Now in her 11th year of Djing she has gone from Skunkrock label rep to a known DJ in her own right. Having frequented gigs in Europe for 9 years, and holding a residency at Berlin’s Icon Club for over 8 years, she’s still finding new places to present her sound every season. Internationally she has graced the decks in no less than 28 European countries as well as all over North America, in South Africa and even Israel. Some of the most exotic destinations include, Honolulu, Reykjavik, Johannesburg, Bucharest, Lisbon and Tel Aviv.

2008 has been a busy year for Alley Cat, with the Feline project (club nights in London & abroad), a return to production, her job as bookings admin at ESP Agency, and DJ gigs across the globe.



Alley Cat facebook fan page](http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/wp-content/plugins/feed-statistics.php?url=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mYWNlYm9vay5jb20vcGFnZXMvREotQWxsZXktQ2F0LzI4MjIwMjUwOTIyP3JlZj10cw==)

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