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{Kongkast #55 - SpectraSoul [Shogun Audio, Critical Music, UK] - Exclusive Studio Mix for Kongkretebass}

Kongkast - Hong Kong�s dnb podcast

++ KONGKAST - Numero 55 ++

SpectraSoul Exclusive studio mix for Kongkretebass!

Yes Yes! Kongkretebass brings to you yet another exclusive! The sounds of SpectraSoul (Shogun Audio, Critical Music - UK). Featuring tunes from SpectraSoul, Icicle, Commix, Break, Alix Perez, Calibre, Lomax and plenty more…

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//About SpectraSoulThe last 12 months has seen SpectraSoul rise as one of the most exciting new talents within the drum and bass scene, and continue to ride the crest of the wave of new producers. Having spent the last year defining and refining their musical techniques, SpectraSoul have gained a reputation for bridging the gap between light & dark, hard & smooth, both in the studio and within their DJ sets.

Special Thanks goes to Jack SpectraSoul for this wicked mix! and Shouts goes out to Dave SpectraSoul and Shogun Audio and all of the Shogun Audio Crew! BIG UPS!

//Links - For more information on SpectraSoul or Shogun Audio




Stay tuned to Kongkast! Hong Kong’s Number 1 Drum and Bass Pod Cast!

Enjoy… slipmat

+ Track list - Kongkast #55 + Track Listing - Kongkast #55 - SpectraSoul (Shogun Audi, UK) Studio Mix - Exclusive for Kongkretebass

1/ Lomax - Come & See (Critical Dub)

2/ Physics - Dream World (D-Bridge Remix)(Blindside)

3/ Subwave - Think (Shogun Audio Dub)

4/ Alix Perez - Crooklyn (Soul:R)

5/ SpectraSoul - How Strange (Innerground Dub)

6/ Calibre & D-Bridge - Untitled (Dub)

7/ Alix Perez - Stray (Shogun Audio)

8/ SpectraSoul - Alibi (Critical Dub)

9/ Icicle & Nympho - Franky Mountain (Ram)

10/ Break - Authentic (Quarantine)

11/ SpectraSoul - Untitled (Dub)

12/ Break - Headz Up (Metalheadz Dub)

13/ SpectraSoul - The Tube (Shogun Audio)

14/ Proxima - Critical Force (SGN:LTD Dub)

15/ Break - Destiny Comes Ringing (Commercial suicide Dub)

16/ SpectraSoul - Adoration VIP (Dub)

17/ Icicle & Jubei - Keep Up (Dub)

18/ SpectraSoul - Tectonics (Dub)

19/ Commix & Icicle - Ultraclean (Dub)

20/ Nympho - Indemnity (Crunch Dub)

21/ Friction & K-tee - Overtime (Renegade Hardware)

22/ D-Bridge - True Romance VIP (Dub)

23/ SpectraSoul - In Profile (Dub)

24/ Zero-T & Survival - No More (Dispatch)

25/ SpectraSoul - Dark Hour (Critical)

26/ Logistics - Waiting Line (Hospital)

27/ SpectraSoul - Flourescent (Dub)

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