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haven't blog here for a long long time...

These few months,  Many things changed.Moved to a new studio with my band-mates. D.I.Y. some boxes for acoustic improvement. I quitted CheeZe Music.Brought a lot of recording equipment for our new studio.Re-recording our Demos. (still in process)Now, I'm working in Hong Kong Art Center, I can watch free drama and musical everyday~XDDNice~Hope to let you guys listen our new demo ASAP~K.Lo 

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K.Lo lives! thanks for the update!
over 13 years ago
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oh, i just went to the Arts Centre today for a film screening!
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我只是一個有感覺, 有感情, 有情緒, 會嫉妒, 會生氣, 會笑, 會發瘋, 會失控的人... 就是這麼簡單... 我只是一個愛胡思亂想, 愛唱歌的人~~xDDDD (這會更簡單吧~~xDDDDD) I was the Vocalist of Survivor, Crazimals and K'

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