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Justin Lim

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Hey guys, SURPRISE!Been a long time huh?I'd like to say hello all of you again, and here's a little treat for you..My entry for the Nokia App Competition:Check it out, it might apply to you!Video: and respect,Just

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Etchy 4d darth schoolgirl2b
Raffi says :
they should make a female version too...
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Photo 126165
Joey Yong says :
lol...funny ya^^
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
Patrick Lee says :
i had the same idea!!
Posted over 3 years ago | 0   0
Photo 217949
Aisha Saram says :
Posted about 3 years ago | 0   0

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Justin Lim

Music Producer, Musician, Singer

English Name Justin Lim
Birthday 10-12
Location Hong Kong
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin