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JuJu Chan 陳鈺芸
Actor , Athlete , Martial Arts, Wrestling or Boxing
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星期六,起屋日?!在洛杉磯長灘市為仁人家園的項目建屋????Giving Saturday ?building houses in Long Beach #LA #HabitatforHumanity #GiveBack… https://t.co/f0xD26ue9P

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Spending time in nature is healing energy ????????☘️?????⛰?

nature #energy #peace #connection #jujupower https://t.co/q1XxGTVjOK

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今日玩跳高同跳遠? Doing some height and distance jump practice today! Keep up the practice to fly further and jump higher?… https://t.co/NnRu7Lxwo9

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tank #vietnam #actionfilm #actiongirl https://t.co/soCRbWsYKa

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Dolled up JuJu 我的公仔做型? https://t.co/WhTwbAewcK

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RT @amyejohnston: Hero Training Episode 2 has arrived. With the beautiful @JuJu_Chan https://t.co/ODZiZN29id

herotraining #letsbeheroes

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I wanna fly like an eagle To the sea Fly like an eagle Let my spirit carry me I want to fly like an eagle 'Till I'm… https://t.co/lZDVgFBJtL

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Wanna come for a ride with me ?❓ 今日騎鐵馬兜兜風,有誰想跟我呢?

biker https://t.co/SxCFmJhiVl

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Getting ready for the weekend! 在好萊烏飛下去!

#打女 #今日贴纸打卡

hollywood #flying #actiongirl #jujuchan #jujupower https://t.co/G38CbrpDjn

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JuJu Chan (陳鈺芸) Actress, Action Star, Pop Singer, Author, Hong Kong Taekwondo (ITF) Representative, Signature: double nunchucks

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