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JuJu Chan 陳鈺芸
Actor , Athlete , Martial Arts, Wrestling or Boxing
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If you don’t live on the edge, you will never see the view!

fighter #balance #kick #tkd #actiongirl #打女 #LA https://t.co/TBLrkoM4CP

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Double trouble ?‍♀️?????? #jujupower #打女 #香港動作電影 #雙節棍 #女俠 #黑玫瑰 #actiongirl https://t.co/PZrpbuJp0w

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What a long day! Finally at the airport, just enough time to try the new Christmas Drink before boarding!!! See you… https://t.co/BXLwwMOhPU

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在台北的星期五!Happy Friday! Wanna hang out with me here in Taiwan? ??

taipei #trend #travel #stylish #organic https://t.co/deJ4vahbPE

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瑜珈射箭 Aim and shoot! Archery in yoga LoL

ariealyoga #flexstudio @flexstudiohk #空中瑜珈 #archery https://t.co/4b3vM0I8Nu

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First time being an ancient Chinese empress! Palace of the Damned 深宮怨靈 in Chinese Mainland Theaters on Nov 17! Cya… https://t.co/pqE0Z55XNX

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Doing a morning stretch at Fung Wong Shan! The second highest peak in Hong Kong with a height of 934 metres above s… https://t.co/HpACOYZMnG

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飛毛腿登陸大嶼山! Flying in Lantau

lantauisland #hongkong #hiking #taekwondo #jumpkick #jujupower https://t.co/hfqii3HVqI

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Studying my script for tomorrow’s shoot and doing my hair Amour Hair Spa & Salon by Chris for an event in an hour!… https://t.co/6klCR0VI6f

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JuJu Chan (陳鈺芸) Actress, Action Star, Pop Singer, Author, Hong Kong Taekwondo (ITF) Representative, Signature: double nunchucks

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