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JuJu Chan 陳鈺芸
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Be thankful for what you have now, and keep fighting for what you want ??????????????????

fighter #positive… https://t.co/9CXD7Fg62J

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Laughing our way thru our last night at the hotel. #wuassassins #wuhoo #LaughOutLoud #vancouver #absworkout ?:… https://t.co/fAQApC0sZv

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Wuhoo~ Welcome to Kitsilano ?‍♀️

jujupower #biking #kitsilano https://t.co/RrVw1T4g9s

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News article from Hong Kong oncc #support #CrazyRichAsains https://t.co/Muc5g02GX4 https://t.co/qCvvy7joMM

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Waiting for my food to be delivered ... so hungry that it’s driving me crazy ?

INeedFood #crazed #sillyjuju https://t.co/3bNhYlBVEE

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Taking great strides forward LoL

jujupower #nature #splits #PowerfulMonday https://t.co/yBrFR3ZMtT

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WuAssassins Supporting our @iko_uwais in @Mile22Movie ?????????? @ItsCeliaAu @iamlawrencekao @TheLewisTan… https://t.co/1HK4D7yVI6

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Wuuuuhoooo~ It’s @crazyrichasians opening weekend??The cast from different shows join together in Vancouver to send… https://t.co/bKg60ltlji

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@Byron_Mann Thanks Byron ☺️

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Morning warrior training up at the Grouse Grind ?????? Wuuuuuu!!! @TheLewisTan @iamlawrencekao @ItsCeliaAu Thanks… https://t.co/Ppvg3nmUhA

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JuJu Chan (陳鈺芸) Actress, Action Star, Pop Singer, Author, Hong Kong Taekwondo (ITF) Representative, Signature: double nunchucks

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