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Lumina filming day 6-8

This past weekend I was working on the filming of "LUMINA" webseries. Filming hours for the weekend was quite long (Fri 6-11pm, Sat 6am-10pm, Sun 8pm-1am), but I really enjoy the whole filming =D Everyone on the set are so warm and nice, we all get along well and had a great time together!

We have 4-5 more days to shoot for LUMINA webseris Season 1, and our wrap party will be on Friday night!!!!


Day 6 Filming in Causeway Bay, and on a tram to Sheung Wan

Day 7 Filming in Central

Day 8 Filming in Fluid (an office space in Sheung Wan, thanks to Spencer :D)

Friday night after filming Lumina, Lucas, Max, and I went to "The Other End of the Gun" wrap party @ Philia. But by the time we were there they were about to leave... so we changed location to Sola and hang out for a while :)

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She's got a big heart.
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Jayson 93 2
It was a cold day too. Didn't know Hong Kong could get so cold!
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