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Here are some latest interviews and articles on me and LUMINA.

Exclusive Interview with JuJu Chan: Actress & Model


Ms. Peace, Love & Supa Glam


LUMINA is in a great article about Asian American online filmmakers in the current edition of Pacific Citizen

Big Screen? Nah. The New Frontier is on the Computer Screen 

Asian Pacific American filmmakers are looking to the Web as a new way to showcase high quality film projects and APA talent.  By Lynda Lin, Assistant Editor Published June 19, 2009


"The Web is a great way for filmmakers to connect to their audience and it can be a cost efficient way as well," said Jennifer Thym, a second generation Chinese American filmmaker currently based in Hong Kong.

With online film releases, you can make and distribute films that appeal to a worldwide audience, said Thym, 34.

"Compare that to traditional theatrical release, which is an expensive distribution method, plus you only have a limited window in which to sell tickets."

In August, Thym plans to launch "Lumina," an original Web series that borrows themes from "Snow White" and the "Twilight" novels. The series, shot in high def with a power Red One video camera, features a mostly APA cast, including JuJu Chan as Lumina Wong, a beautiful career woman in love with a man she can only see in mirrors.

If it were any other filmmaker, Chan said, she would've been hesitant to venture onto the Web. But ultimately, it was all about turning traditional industry mechanism on its head and creating a new venue for APA actors.


"We are here to make a change, and we are serious in producing a high quality and professional production to break the tradition," said Chan.

"Lumina" which was written and directed by Thym, "explores that fantasy of playing with something (or someone) that is magical and not of this world, and how that can have severe consequences for everyone involved."

And like most things on the Web, "Lumina" will be free to view.

Thym is in good company. Last year, veteran director Wayne Wang released "The Princess of Nebraska" exclusively on YouTube's screening room.

"It's not just indie filmmakers using the internet - it's just the direction of the industry," said Michael Kang, whose 2007 film "West 32nd" garnered critical success.


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