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Big Sat Birthdays + Parties!!!!

This weekend was soooooo fun!!!! 2 big bday parties!! One is me and my sister's PINK Party  in Causeway Bay. The other one is Pat Lee's bday in Macau the Sands VIP Lounge!

My Pink party started at 7pm and Ended at 10:30pm.

Thanks to all my friends for coming and help setting up this wonderful Pink Party for me and my sister :) And thanks for all the lovely presents <3



After my Pink Party, 8 of us took the 12am ferry to Macau for Pat's bday party :) It's my first time taking a midnight ferry to Macau, hehe. And it was quite full!!! So many people heading to Macau that late.

We got there at 1:30am. Pat was quite drunk by the time we were there... lol... It's my first time seeing Pat dance! And he danced so well  :) It was a fun night, and the VIP Lounge was definitly a good pick!

We stayed in the Sands until 3am and head to to Cubic at the AIA tower and stayed till 4:30am. Then me and some friends went to had a late night super at the "Curry Mui". We stayed at the Rio Hotel for the night.

Sunday was a day trip and eating trip in Macau :) 

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