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My New Song Recorded By Hebe

Video:跟大家分享一首我的音樂作品,無事生非,收錄於 Hebe 田馥甄 的第二張專輯 My Love. 


Here's a song I wrote called Wu Shi Sheng Fei,recorded by Hebe Tien. Hope you guys like it!

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JJ Lin 小巨蛋Concert

In Taiwan now and just worked at JJ's concert at Taipei Arena. At the entrance with my backstage passRehearsingAudience coming in.One more show tonight!

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Super Idol 6 L.A. Finals/超偶6LA海選決賽

Here's some pics from the finals and the wrap party.Party time with King Crab![](/attachments/2011/03/28/03/212991_201103280335101.thumb.jpg)March birthday boys and girlsBirthday boy 阿嘎With tv producer 琳容姐That wraps up the month-long competition and good luck to the contestants who will compete in Taiwan.

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Foo Fighters Trailer

My music was featured in the trailer of The Foo Fighters' new documentary called Back And Forth. From 0'05 to 0'38Hope you guys like it!Video:

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王野 EP, 溫暖如野

A song I co-wrote (with good friend Ava Tien) and arranged called "I Will Always Be Here" has been released by Sony Music Entertainment by artist Wang Ye in his first EP. 跟大家分享一首我的音樂作品以及編曲。“我會一直在這裡”, 收錄於快男王野加盟Sony之後的個人EP, 溫暖如野。3/15/2011剛剛發行。請大家多多支持喔!

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Super Idol 6 LA Auditions Part 2

Some pics and video of the Super Idol LA Auditions. Me and the other 2 judgesVideo: http:// short video of the event.

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Super Idol 6 LA Auditions

I was very excited and honored to be one of the 3 judges for Super Idol's LA Auditions. We went through a lot of contestants and the next round of competitions starts on March 5, 2011.Congrats to all the contestants who made it and for those who didn't, we hope to see you again next year![](/attachments/2011/02/21/05/212991_201102210512051.thumb.jpg)

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HTTV will be hosting the preliminary audition for tv show Super Idol this Saturday 2/19/2011 in Arcadia, California. 你喜愛歌唱嗎! 你想一日成名嗎! 趕快報名參加這個星期六 2/19 超偶6 的洛杉機海選喔! 機會在你手裡,要自己把握喔!![![](/attachments/2011/02/17/06/212991_201102170631171.thumb.jpg)](/

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Thanksgiving Getaway Part 3, Jeju Island

Some more pics to share on my getaway trip to Korea. I left Seoul and flew out to Jeju for a couple of days. The hotel room was a traditional Korean room.I heard this was where they shot the TV SHow "All In"A nice night view of the hotel.This rock is actually a speaker. They had a bunch of these outside of the hotel that played music, pretty cool![](/attachments/2010/12/23/08/212991_201012230839341.thumb.jpg)My little red rental car.Another TV show location.Green tea, lots of green tea!!Hope you guys enjoy the pics!

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Thanksgiving Getaway Part 2

Some more pics to share from my trip to Korea. Went to DMZOnly 1 soldier from the North on that day.That's the border, left side North right side South Korea.The bridge of no return.More pics next time!

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