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Miking Up Drums

My buddy Jeff(who is a great drummer btw) is building his home studio and I helped him out with miking his drumkit.

Here's his drum kit.

Putting the D112 on the mic stand.


Here's Jeff looking quite happy.

After setting up the whole kit, we did some test recording and it sounds pretty good.

There's still lots to be done, trying out different mic positions and also doing some treatments to the room as well.

I'm sure we'll get those done pretty quickly and pretty soon, my productions will all come with live drums. Pretty excited about that!

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That's one sweet drum kit. I wish I could play the drums.
over 13 years ago
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Live drums always sounds best! It's amazing how many drum VSTI's I have used in the past. But it seems that if you want to get a good live recording while still using a bunch of vsti's or modules, drums and guitar really can livin up the mix. Good luck with your setup.
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