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HK Live! Photos and Please VOTE!!!

Hey Guys,

just added an ablum of photos from our performances at HK Live! last Saturday at Fringe..   it's a very very g...Read more

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Hi all,


In Love And Pain! is one of the 20 bands competing for the "Linkin Park Macau Concert Band Search Contest"

the 5 bands which got most votes will go through the next round, and then Linkin Park themselves will choose one of the 5 winners to be their MACAU CONCERT OPENING BAND

we need your vote!!! please please please please click the following ...Read more

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What will you do if.....

What will you do if you are chosen to be one of the 11 bands to be part of the most exciting CD release for indies in Hong Kong??

we record!!!!  

gonna crash Mark1 Studio tonight to record 2 songs for Chris B's Underground CD#3 ( http://www.alivenotdead.com/undergroundhk)

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200+ Photos

we now have 200+ excellent photos from our slide show, thanks for everyone who's been so supportive for the band


we love y'all!!


check it out at www.myspace.com/inloveandpain


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Photos Update

we just added some photos from 2 of our last performances

  • Music in Paradise, Joint IVE Band Show Round ONE @ Kwun Tong IVE

  • ...Read more
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finally we can personalized our username on our facebook Artist Page, In Love And Pain! is now at


and btw, we made a very simple demo version of ou...Read more

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New Song Added

To All,

just some quick update...   we added the video from our gig at Fringe Club..  it's our new song called "Finally Feel Your Pain"...   have to say it's NOT our best performance (Marvin's cymbal fall right on his snare in the middle of the song ={   )..  but really wanna share the new things to y'all, you can watch that on our "Video" on the front page. 

in July, we will go to the famous Mark1 studio to record 2 of our songs for the Underground CD#3, should have alot of fun there!!  and ...Read more

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New Videos Added to Profile Page

some vidz from "Let's Mosh And Dance! Season2" are added to our Profile Page video playlist..  please check them ōut =)

this one was a special gig for us..  5 bands and we were up 5th..    and just 15mins before we were on stage, while we were watching one of our favourite bands Ignite The Hope on stage, a fd of the organizer caught our drummer Marvin and told him that Monday (today!!) is the organizer's brithday...Read more

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new photos add

Read more

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New Pics & Vidz Added

we added some new pics and 2 vidz from our last performance @ BC Unplugged Anniversary Party, hope you gyus enjoy it.. 

we are working on a new song, for now we called it "Finally Feel Your Pain", we are working on the lyrics and we love that everytime we play that already, cant wait to gig out and have you guys check it out!

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In Love And Pain!, the alternative music journey started in Jun 2007. When Kid, Henry, Satva and Marvin decided to make the noise in their heads come true. W

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