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Presenting.... The BUZZ!

Ladies and gentleboys, welcome to the HKIFF Buzz! Where you can add photos, blogs and other knickknacks that catch your eye during the 23 day 33rd HKIFF.As for me, Marcus Lim, PR peon and all round new media faux-expert, I'll be periodically updating this page with what's happening on the ground. Right now, there is a palpable air of excitement humming in the HKIFF offices now. Hey, it's only another 3 or so more days to the start of the Festival.And how do you know when the festival's looming ahead? The sudden appearence of comestibles ( word of the day) of course. With almost everyone pulling 15-hour days, people are starting to nest in their cubicles, stockpiling snacks around their comfy chairs.Like this![](/attachments/2009/03/419885_200903191447213.thumb.jpg)Artery clogging potato chips![](/attachments/2009/03/419885_200903191448351.thumb.jpg)Less artery clogging, baked vegetable chips (the film traffic team are health nuts, see)While our lovely Marketing Manager, Raymond, takes on a whole cauldron of popcorn by himself!WORD OF THE DAY##co⋅mes⋅ti⋅ble  [kuh-mes-tuh-buhl] –adjective1.edible; eatable.–noun2.Usually, comestibles. articles of food; edibles: The table was spread with all kinds of comestibles. For today's post, I am using large words as penitence for misspelling the name of esteemed American director Steven Soderbergh, on the HKIFF newsletter. Mr Soderbergh is, of course, the helmer of classics like Sex, Lies and Videotape, Ocean's Elevenand the amazing two-parter Che,which the Festival will be showing in a special, 270min cinematic roadshow event on April 4, and April 9(my birthday!) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.(tickets still available  here)My error was brought to my attention by a wonderfully sharp eyed reader, and the HKIFF humbly thanks you for your correction. (but you're no longer on my Christmas card list, so there :-P )I also wish to state that the entire senior staff of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society have come by my cubicle and given me a sound thwak on the head with a large leather bound copy of Gilligan's Guide to the English Vocabulary, ed.7 as punishment for my mistake. Once again, I humbly apologise. Mea Culpa.That being said, I wish to state that when I mentioned Stephen Soderbergin the newsletter, I was of course referring to the little-known and woefully overlooked auteur of such great independent films like Fruit, Pies and 8-Track Tape, the 11-hour documentary Eleven Oceans, and the 270min in-depth exploration of the 20th century transgressive and rebel, Cher! Honestly, and you guys call yourselves cineastes. Tsk tsk.With love!Marcus Lim

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