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售票處 Box office 第三屆: 79部長片, 3部短片, 128場放映, 80755人次。開幕電影: 《空山靈雨》(胡金銓)。

HKIFF03: 79 features, 3 shorts, 128 screenings, 80755 total attendance. Opening film: Raining in the Mountain by King Hu. Satyajit Ray was here.

HKIFF40 #hkiff #filmfestival #香港國際電影節 #KingHu #胡金銓 #SatyajitRay

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第二屆: 74部長片, 7部短片, 113場放映, 55489人次。開幕電影: 《養鴉》及《海鷗》。

HKIFF02: 74 features, 7 shorts, 113 screenings, 55489 total attendance. Opening films: Raise Ravens (Cría Cuervos) by Carlos Saura and The Seagull (Il Gabbiano) by Marco Bellocchio.

HKIFF40 #hkiff #filmfestival #hongkongcityhall #香港國際電影節 #香港大會堂

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由今日開始, 每日一post, 回顧#香港國際電影節 40年歷史, 同時為第40屆倒數! 第一屆: 37部長片, 7部短片, 46場放映, 16515人次。開幕電影: 《意大利第一年》(羅西里尼)。 Starting today, we'll post a picture a day as a countdown recapping the festival's history until we hit day 1 of #HKIFF40

HKIFF01: 37 features, 7 shorts, 46 screenings, 16515 total attendance. Opening film - Italy: Year One (Roberto Rossellini). Other highlights include: Aguirre, the Wrath of God (Werner Herzog), The World of Apu (Satyajit Ray) and A Touch of Zen 俠女 (King Hu 胡金銓). #hkiff #filmfestival

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猜猜我們的開幕電影會是甚麼? #無獎兢猜遊戲 Guess what the #HKIFF40 opening film will be? #hkiff #filmfestival #香港國際電影節

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祝大家猴年快樂、大吉大利、恭喜恭喜! Wish you all a fabulous #YearOfMonkey

HKIFF40 #hkiff #filmfestival #香港國際電影節

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HKIFF40-‘SHAKESPEARE Lives in Film’ showcases three different interpretations of “Macbeth”. #HKIFF40 #Shakespeare https://t.co/02wjzeB1uF

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HKIFF40- 最新4K修復李小龍電影 第四十屆香港國際電影節將為影迷帶來經過4K數碼科技修復的李小龍電影 —《唐山大兄》(1971)、《精武門》(1972)、《猛龍過江》(1972)及《死亡遊戲》(1978),高質素的影像清晰銳利,李三腳在大銀幕上更加生龍活虎。 HKIFF40 - 4K restored Bruce LEE classics

The 40th Hong Kong International Film Festival will present Bruce LEE classics in a stunning new digital format. The films – “The Big Boss” (1971), “Fist of Fury” (1972), “The Way of the Dragon” (1972) and “The Game of Death” (1978) – have been digitally restored in 4K, and the martial-arts legend has never looked better.

hkiff40 #hkiff #classicfilms #films #4krestored #brucel...Read more

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HKIFF40呈獻莎士比亞名作《馬克白》 西方文學史上最偉大的詩人劇作家,英國大文豪莎士比亞(1564-1616)的影響無遠弗屆,電影發明一百二十年來,作品多次被世界各國改編上大銀幕。今年適逢莎翁逝世四百周年,第四十屆香港國際電影節特別選映黑澤明的《蜘蛛巢城》(1957)、波蘭斯基的《浴血金鑾殿》(1971)及渣士汀卻素的《馬克白》(2015),以茲懷念。三位不同年代、不同國籍的導演,對《馬克白》有不一樣的詮釋,三部電影展示出迥異的影像和敘事風格,繽紛奪目。


The 40th Hong Kong International Film Festival will mark the 400th anniversary of SHAKESPARE’s death with ‘SHAKESPARE Lives in Film’, a special programme showcasing three very different interpretations of “Macbeth”, with KUROSAWA Akira's “Throne of Blood” (1957), Roman POLANSKI's ...Read more

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HKIFF40 presents 4K restored Bruce LEE classics. https://t.co/gy04C5YkyN

HKIFF40 #BRUCELEE https://t.co/xqDUbOS3Es

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HKIFF40-‘SHAKESPARE Lives in Film’ showcases three very different interpretations of “Macbeth”.#HKIFF40 #Shakespeare https://t.co/pKmcobyi67

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