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Cine Fan Summer International Film Festival 2015 Programme and Opening Film

17 July 2015 (Hong Kong) – The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Limited (HKIFFS) has announced the opening and closing films as well as the complete programme of Cine Fan Summer International Film Festival (SIFF) 2015 today. This year the programme will showcase a wide variety of 32 films with a total of 59 screenings. The festival sees the return of master directors at the top of their form; presents some manic pop culture films fresh from Japan; and a short survey of classic Hollywood films that define the screwball comedy.

SIFF 2015 is delighted to open on 11 August with The Assassin directed by renowned director HOU Hsiao-Hsien starring SHU Qi, CHANG Chen and TSUMABUKI Satoshi. Awarded Best Director when it world premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2015, HOU spent seven years adapting the seventh-century Chinese legend to the most ravishingly beautiful film of his 35 year career. HOU will also lead the public Master Class on 12 August at The Grand Cinema.

The festival premieres will continue with the Hong Kong gala screening of Wild City directed by Ringo LAM, starring Louis KOO, Shawn YUE, Joseph CHANG, TONG Liya and Michael TSE. The film marks the return of Hong Kong action veteran Ringo Lam after a 12-year hiatus from the crime genre where he made his global reputation with breakthrough films such as City on Fire and Full Alert. Wild City issues a warning to the greedy and selfish lost souls in Hong Kong in its tale of our modern and gritty world where people blindly worship money.

The festival will also present four acclaimed latest releases from Japan: Love & Peace directed by SONO Sion, Yakuza Apocalypse by MIIKE Takashi, Prophecy by NIKAMURA Yoshihiro and Flying Colors directed by DOI Nobuhiro.

As in previous editions, SIFF will continue its popular programme of immaculate classics including A Touch of Zen by King HU now restored to its original glory, The Double Life of Veronique directed by Krzysztof KIESLOWSKI which won Best Actress award for Irene JACOB at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival, and the perennially popular Love Letter by IWAI Shunji.

SIFF will also feature The Battle of the Sexes: Screwball Comedy which covers six films that define the history of Hollywood romantic comedies since the 1930s. The six selected films are Trouble in Paradise, It Happened One Night, My Man Godfrey, His Girl Friday, The Philadelphia and The Lady Eve.

Irrational Man, directed by Woody ALLEN will close the SIFF on 25 August. In his latest film, Woody ALLEN plays with ideas of modern philosophy with one of his favourite actresses, the entrancing Emma STONE. The film makes a remarkable ending to the festival.

Cine Fan Summer International Film Festival 2015 will be held from 11 to 25 August 2015. Tickets will be on sale via URBTIX from 21 July onward.

2015 年 7 月 17 日(香港) - 香港國際電影節協會公佈今年 Cine Fan 夏日國際電影節 2015 (SIFF) 的精采節目,包括開幕及閉幕電影。今年電影節將由世界各地挑選 32 部佳 作放映 59 場,並以台灣大師導演侯孝賢的《刺客聶隱娘》為開幕電影。

憑《刺客聶隱娘》榮獲 2015 康城影展最佳導演獎的侯孝賢,與舒淇、張震及妻夫木聰 等合作,以去戲劇化的處理去看唐朝的傳奇世界,成就一部美感空前的武俠片。影片於 康城甫曝光便被認定為最佳電影,是次成為夏日國際電影節的開幕電影可謂實至名歸。 侯孝賢導演更將於 8 月 12 日的大師班中,與一眾影迷分享電影心得。

今年電影節將選映四部日本最新話題作,類型和風格十分多元化,包含魔幻、青春勵志、 懸疑、黑幫、殭屍等不同題材——園子溫的《愛與和平魔法龜》、三池崇史的《極道大 戰爭》、中村義洋的《預告犯》及由土井裕泰執導的《奇蹟補習社》。

於為期 15 日的活動中,電影節一如既往安排廣受影迷歡迎的經典重溫,包括胡金銓的 《俠女》(最新修復版)、奇斯洛夫斯基執導、愛蓮謝歌主演並勇奪 1991 康城影展最佳 女主角的《兩生花》,以及岩井俊二膾炙人口的《情書》。

今年另一矚目盛事是林嶺東十二年後復出執導之《迷城》香港首映禮。由古天樂、余文 樂、張孝全、佟麗婭、謝天華等領銜主演,配以拿手的警匪風雲格局及實景飛車場面, 林嶺東藉現今敵我混亂黑白難分的社會氛圍,以《迷城》作出發人深省的反思,亦為其 「城市三部曲」的完結篇。

電影節今年的專題節目,將嚴選六部無定向神經喜劇,主題環繞愛情與兩性關係,每部 均出自名導之手,即《天堂豔史》、《一夜風流》、《再度劉郎》、《寶窗選婿》、《舊 歡新寵》及《鞋邊蝶》,讓年輕觀眾有機會在觀影筆記簿裡開啟黃金時期荷里活一頁。

由活地阿倫執導的《情迷失控點》將會為今年電影節劃上完美句號。此閉幕電影中活地 阿倫與愛瑪史東再度合作,把校園道德故事拍出黑色幽默,《罪與罰》與希治閣一爐共 冶。

Cine Fan 夏日國際電影節2015於8月11日至25日舉行,門票將於7月21日於城市售票網 URBTIX公開發售。

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The 39th HKIFF Closing Film – Port of Call

Director Philip YUNG, Aaron KWOK and Patrick TAM Lead the Cast at the World Premiere

6 April 2015 (Hong Kong) ─ Latest production from upcoming director Philip YUNG brought another brilliant psychological thriller, Port of Call, to the audience this year as the closing film of 39th HKIFF. The film stars popular leading man Aaron KWOK and looks at the effects of a crime on the families of both the victim and perpetrator. Selected as the Closing Film for the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), the film had its World premiere at Hong Kong Cultural Center this evening.

The film tells the story a teenage prostitute is murdered; her body cut up and flushed down the toilet, and her severed head thrown into Victoria Harbor. Director Philip YUNG chooses to focus not on the crime or the investigation, but on the dead girl and her family, the cop and his family, and the killer who is without a family. The genre-bender that progresses as it digresses, an atmospheric mosaic of human lives and actions that invariably get complicated, out of order and beyond reason, and with the characters firmly grounded in gritty and unforgiving reality.

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39th HKIFF Honors Filmmakers with Awards of Five Competition Sections

Gala Premiere of The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D with cast

3 April 2015 (Hong Kong) – At the Awards Gala at MOKO, the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) revealed the winning films for five award categories, namely the Young Cinema Competition, the Documentary Competition, the Short Film Competition, the FIPRESCI Prize and the SIGNIS Award, in recognition of filmmakers’ outstanding achievement. The Awards Gala is the festival’s main awards event and attracts wide attention and support. The evening was also enhanced along with the gala premiere of The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D with cast, including SHI Yanneng and SU Yuming.

Each competition was judged by an independent jury, consisting of renowned industry figures such as Mohsen MAKHMALBAF – Iranian director, Sandra NG – local actress, Jonathan ROSENBAUM – film critic and Chris LEE – renowned producer (see Appendix for complete list of jurors).

The Young Cinema Competition pays tribute to the future of the industry and aims to discover and honor budding filmmakers who push the envelope with their unique and innovative works. Eight films from a range of countries including Albania, Czech Republic, Mongolia and Thailand competed for awards. While the coveted Firebird Award was given to Sworn Virgin, directed by Laura BISPURI. For her debut film, BISPURI tackles both the socio-political and the magical. XIN Yukun’s The Coffin in the Mountain received a Special Mention, K by D.E. Bulag and Emyr ap Richard won the Jury Prize this year.

Many filmmakers embrace the documentary genre to address a variety of social issues. The Documentary Competition pays tribute to documentarians who inspire audiences with their insights. The Firebird Award went to I am the People, directed by Anna ROUSSILLON. ROUSSILLON’s documentary, by contrast, probes below the grassroots, exploring Egypt’s political drams, from the gall of Mubarak to the rise of Morsi. Meanwhile, the Jury Prize was awarded to DU Haibin’s A Young Patriot.

The Short Film Competition is a valuable platform for local and international filmmakers. The Festival selected 20 entries this year, among which Rungano NYONI and Hamy RAMEZAN’s Listen won the Firebird Award, and Tomasz SIWINSKI’s A Blue Room took home the Jury Prize.

The FIPRESCI Prize is presented by the International Federation of Film Critics to promote young talent in Asian cinema. The award this year went to D.E. Bulag and Emyr ap Richard’s K. The film skillfully distills Kafka’s absurdist fable about bureaucracy into a modern tale of man’s existential struggle against alienation and questionable authority.

Established in 2004 and co-organised by the HKIFF and SIGNIS Hong Kong, the SIGNIS Award salutes films that fully express social and humanitarian concerns, as well as spiritual and artistic values. LI Ruijun’s River Road won the SIGNIS Award and Christian PETZOLD’s Phoenix  received Special Mention.

ist of Awardees:

List of Jurors:

Young Cinema Competition

Mohsen MAKHMALBAF, Jonathan ROSENBAUM, Sandra NG, and Chris LEE.

Documentary Competition

WAN Jen, Chris FUJIWARA, and WONG Bik-wan.

Short Film Competition

FUJIOKA Asako, Heinz HERMANNS and CHAN Chui Hing, Nose.


Bérénice REYNAUD, CHANG Yen-Tuo, and Joyce YANG.


Ninfa WATT, Nancy WANG, and Mary Mee-Yin YUEN.

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The 39th HKIFF to screen various restored classics And Martin Scorsese’s latest documentary work – The 50 Year Argument

10 March 2015 (Hong Kong) – The 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival will continue its popular program of screening immaculate digital restoration of classic films. This year’s festival program includes The Tales of Hoffman (1951) – adapted from Jacques Offenbach’s opera piece, Once Upon a Time in America (1984) by Italian director Sergio Leone, The Color of Pomegranates (1969) by Sergei Parajanov. In addition, The 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival will also feature Martin Scorsese’s latest document – The 50 Year Argument.


The Tales of Hoffman is a film adaptation of Jacques Offenbach’s opera, directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. Powell and Pressburger’s fantastical rendition of the Offenbach opera is an extravagant treat for the senses, a bold fusion of music, dance, art and performance, and an allegory of the sacrifices one makes in the name of art. The Tales of Hoffman recounts a poet’s three lost loves – the automaton Olympia, the Venetian courtesan Giulietta, and the ailing soprano Antonia. Its restoration was supported by Scorsese’s Film Foundation.


Sergio Leone’s magnificent last film – Once Upon a Time in America, delves into the myth of the American gangster, with its story of ‘Noodles’ Aaronson (Robert De Niro) and his crew operating in Prohibition-era New York. Spanning over four decades, this epic story about loyalty, betrayal, and the American dream – now in its extended 251-minute version, was restored by Martin Scorsese and Leone’s family.


“In the temple of cinema there are images, lights and reality. Sergei Parajanov was the master of that temple” so wrote Jean-Luc Godard about this director, whose masterpiece, The Color of Pomegranates, created a new language of film. Parajanov created a poetic and mythic world of ethnic identity, aspiration, and culture and language. Banned from export and withdrawn from circulation in the USSR, the film nonetheless has become a global classic, and is restored by World Cinema Project, a program of The Film Foundation and provided by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna.

The New York Review of Books was born in the struggles of the 1960s, from Civil Rights to the Middle East. It is known for its lengthy and thoughtful critiques, its independent polemical voices and the consistent engagement of major scholars and active readers. The 50 Year Argument was directed by Martin Scorsese (and collaborator David Tedeschi), and weaves together archival footage and contemporary interviews into vivid, engaging living history.


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The 39th HKIFF to open with Murmur of the Hearts

Festival will close with Port of Call - announced at star-studded press conference

26 February 2015 (Hong Kong) — The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) revealed today the Opening Film of the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), Murmur of the Hearts, directed by Sylvia CHANG.  Murmur of the Hearts will kick off the 39th HKIFF on 23 March 2015 with its World Premiere. The festival will run for 15 days and close on 6 April 2015 with the World premiere of Port of Call, directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Philip YUNG. The highly anticipated announcement was made at the Press Conference at The MOKO, attended by Murmur of the Hearts’ director Sylvia CHANG and Port of Call’s director Philip YUNG.

Murmur of the Hearts is Sylvia CHANG’s latest work. CHANG digs deep into her Taiwanese roots to tell a story about growing up and letting go. The cast includes Isabella LEONG, Joseph CHANG, Lawrence KO and LEE Sinje. The Closing Film Port of Call is the latest production from upcoming director Philip YUNG. The film stars popular leading man Aaron KWOK and looks at the effects of a crime on the families of both the victim and the perpetrator. Directors and casts of each film will attend the world premier presentations at the festival.

With over 260 titles from 56 countries and regions, the lineup is as eclectic as ever, boasting 78 World, International and Asian premieres. “I am pleased that we are opening with Sylvia’s latest film’s World Premiere – Murmur of the Hearts,” said Dr. Wilfred WONG, SBS, JP, Chairman of the HKIFFS. “As one of the most established and largest film festivals in Asia, the HKIFF has dedicated itself to presenting quality works from all over the world, offering audiences many choices beyond mainstream productions and engaging the public in film culture through meet-the-filmmaker sessions and seminars.”

Building on past massive success, the festival is collaborating with Youku again to produce Beautiful 2015 composed of four shorts directed by Iran’s Mohsen MAKHMALBAF, Taiwan’s TSAI Ming-Liang, China’s HUANG Jian-Xin and Hong Kong’s YIM Ho. The HKIFF will present the World Premiere of this omnibus production.

Sylvia CHANG, the internationally recognized director, producer and actress, is the “Filmmaker in Focus” of the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival. In celebrating her achievements, the Hong Kong International Film Festival will screen 14 of CHANG’s films, including the world premiere of her latest work, Murmur of the Hearts (2015). CHANG will attend the “Face to Face” seminar on 5 April at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, sharing her insights on film, art and life.

Several world-renown directors will visit Hong Kong for screenings of their films and hold public master class sessions. The highlights are internationally respected film director Mohsen MAKHMALBAF(The President); multi-award-winning director Peter GREENAWAY (Eisenstein in Guanajuato; Competition, Berlinale, 2015); and highly acclaimed Portuguese filmmaker Pedro COSTA (Horse Money).

The annual Young Cinema Competition was established to encourage young filmmakers to showcase their work internationally. This year’s panel of judges will be led by award-winning filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf, and comprise Hong Kong film and television actress Sandra NG, Hollywood producer (Superman, Valkyrie) and founder of Academy of Creative Media at University of Hawaii, Chris Lee, and well-known American film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum. Awards Gala night will be capped by the Hong Kong premiere of The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D directed by Tsui Hark.

Several other Hong Kong films will receive world premiere at the 39th HKIFF, including Two Thumbs Up, directed by LAU Ho-Leung, with Francis NG, Simon YAM and Leo KU, and My City – a film about well-known local writer Xi Xi, directed by Fruit CHAN.

This year, 39HKIFF has also set its eyes on Germany. Thirteen German films will receive their International and Asian Premieres, including Victoria which won a Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution at Berlinale 2015. The programme will also present Tough Love, The Chambermaid Lynn, Labyrinth of Lies and others. The Germany country-in-focus programme is supported by the Goethe-Institut Hongkong and German Films.

This year marks the 110th birthday anniversary of late great Japanese film maker MIKIO NARUSE and the festival will celebrate his life and work with a programme of four masterpieces: Repast (1951), one of his most famous films Floating Clouds (1955), Daughters, Wives and a Mother (1960), and Scattered Clouds (1967).

The HKIFF continues to build its community outreach and audience development initiatives and will present free “Community Screenings” and “Student Screenings”. These seven free screenings have been made possible by sponsorship and support from Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Hsin Chong Construction Group Limited, aimed at fostering film culture and promoting inspiring films among the community. Each screening will be accompanied by guest speakers.

In addition, CreateHK and The Metroplex will present two brand new community screening programs - ‘Film+’ and ‘Festival+’ this year. Film+ will offer a low-priced Student Ticket Scheme of HKD25 tickets for all festival films and five free screenings for local students. Each screening will be accompanied by a discussion afterwards. Festival+ will offer four free community screenings, and 30 minutes cinema tour before to encourage public to participate in local film events.

A full list of the 39th HKIFF selections is available at www.hkiff.org.hk. The 39th HKIFF will be held from 23 March to 6 April 2015. Tickets for the public can be booked online at www.hkiff.org.hk from 28 February, and at all URBTIX outlets from 6 March.

The 39th HKIFF Statistics

Number of screenings:360

Number of films (including shorts):264

Number of countries and regions represented:56

Number of world premieres:11

Number of international premieres:11

Number of Asian Premieres:56


The 39th HKIFF Screen Venues

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

The Metroplex

Hong Kong Space Museum

UA Cine Moko

Hong Kong City Hall

UA iSquare

Hong Kong Science Museum

UA Cityplaza

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Grand Cinema

Hong Kong Arts Centre

MCL Telford Cinema


The 39th HKIFF Ticketing Information

All tickets are open to public sale via the following channels:

Internet booking ( www.hkiff.org.hk)): from 10am, 28 February 2015

Counter booking at URBTIX outlets: from 10am, 6 March 2015

HK Ticketing: from 10am, 28 February 2015 (Only applicable to screenings at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre)


The 39th HKIFF Ticket Price


3D Films


Opening Films

Ordinary, Weekend and Public Holiday Screenings at HK Cultural Centre / UA Cine Moko / UA iSQUARE / The Grand Cinema / MCL Telford Cinema


Ordinary, Weekend/ Public Holiday Screenings at HK Convention & Exhibition Centre (except Opening Films) / HK City Hall / HK Science Museum / HK Space Museum / HK Arts Centre / UA Cityplaza


Weekday Matinee Screenings

(Mondays - Fridays [except public holidays] film code ends with “D”)

VIP Pass: HK$5,000

Super Value Pass: HK$3,000

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本屆柏林影展最佳電影金熊獎得主《的士司機巴納希》 及四部奧斯卡金像獎提名電影 將於第39屆香港國際電影節中放映

2015年2月17日(香港) – 恭賀伊朗導演約化巴納希憑新作《的士司機巴納希》奪得第65屆柏林影展最佳電影金熊獎及國際影評人聯盟獎殊榮。第39屆香港國際電影節榮幸邀得這部得獎影片在電影節內作亞洲首映。《的士司機巴納希》是約化巴納希自2010年被禁制拍片及出國後的第三部影片,全片在的士車廂內拍攝,以德黑蘭各式各樣的乘客呈現伊朗的現代生活風貌。

約化巴納希是國際影壇上最具影響力的伊朗導演之一,打從他的首部劇情長片《白汽球》(1995)開始,便深獲國際認同,並一舉拿下康城影展的金攝影機獎。及後其作品更在國際影壇上屢獲殊榮,包括《迷途小精靈》(1997)、《七女性》(2000)及《越位女球迷》(2006) 等。他的電影以刻劃伊朗人民的生活與社會議題見稱,卻受到伊朗政府多番禁映。在2010年,他終被判入獄六年,並禁止拍片及離境長達二十年,歐美國家及多個國際人權組織均提出反對及批評。可是,在這幾年間,他就以手機及獨立製作的方式拍攝了《這不是電影》(2011)及《電影關不住》(2013)。


除了金熊獎最佳電影,第39屆香港國際電影節還率先放映另外五部柏林影展得獎影片,包括奪得Alfred Bauer銀熊獎,由海魯布斯譚馬地執導的《火山少女》(危地馬拉);分享最佳導演銀熊獎的兩部影片,雷杜祖迪的《押奴記》(羅馬尼亞)與瑪歌莎堤蘇慕絲嘉的《臭皮囊》(波蘭);還有同得突出藝術貢獻獎,薩巴斯蒂安舒普執導的《柏林驚魂夜》(德國)及小阿歷西謝曼執導的《雪原七思》(俄羅斯)。

The Salt of the Earth 01









由美國導演Robert Kondo與Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi合導的《看守風車的豬》,講述這頭遭同學欺凌的豬,因新來的同學而令他的生活起了變化。本片將會在《世界動畫精選》中放映。

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Golden Bear winner of the 65th Berlinale Taxi and Four Oscar nominees To be shown in the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival

17 February 2015 (Hong Kong) – Congratulations to Iranian director Jafar Panahi, whose latest film Taxi won the Golden Bear for Best Film and FIPRESCI award at the recently concluded 65th Berlinale. The 39thHong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) will bring Taxi to Hong Kong forits Asian Premiere at the HKIFF this March. Although banned from filmmaking and traveling abroad, Panahi manages to play a taxi driver in his own film, engaging his passengers in candid conversations about their lives in Tehran.


Widely recognized as one of the most influential Iranian directors, Jafar Panahi has achieved international recognition as early as his feature debut, The White Balloon (1995) which won the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. He went on to win major international awards for his films like The Mirror (1997), The Circle (2000) and Offside (2006). His films are famous for their humanistic approach to the life of the Iranian people, much to the displeasure of the Iranian government. Despite support from filmmakers around the world, Panahi was sentenced to six years in jail and a 20-year ban on directing films or leaving Iran. However, Panahi continued to make films in the midst of the controversy, including This is Not a Film (2011) and Closed Curtain (2013).


More HKIFF films awarded at the Berlinale

Five more award-winning films at the Berlinale 2015 will also be screened in the 39th HKIFF, including Jayro Bustamante’s Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize winner Ixcanul Volcano (Guatemala), Silver Bear for Best Director award winners Radu Jude’s Aferim! (Romania)and Malgorzata Szumowska’s Body(Poland), Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution winners Sebastian Schipper’s Victoria(Germany) and Alexei German Jr.’s Under Electric Clouds (Russia).


The Salt of the Earth 01.jpg

Salt of the Earth (Wim Wenders)


The 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) will screen four of the nomineesat the 87thAcademy Awards, which include nominations in the Best Documentary Feature, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Animated Feature Film and Best Animation Short Film categories. The winners will be announced on 23rd February.


Best Documentary Feature –The Salt of the Earth

Winner of the Special Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard Section of the Cannes Film Festival last year, German master filmmaker Wim Wenders’ The Salt of the Earth (co-directed by Juliano R. Salgado) is a favorite to win the Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars. Wenders paints a rich portrait of Brazilian master photographer Sebastiao Salgado following him as he works in exotic locations, discussing his life and work, and projecting his photographs onto a semi-transparent mirror that allows audience to see both the image and the man himself, a device which echoes Wenders’ Cannes-winning masterpiece Paris, Texas (also shown in HKIFF this year).


Best Foreign Language Film –Timbuktu

Apart from Pawel Pawlikowski’s Ida, which was screened at the 38th HKIFF, Abderrahmane Sissako’s Timbuktu is also one of the favorites for Best Foreign Language Film Award at the Oscars this year. Having already won the Best Director Award at the Chicago International Film Festival, director Sissako shows his grace and skill at capturing the tribulations of a foreign land seized by foreign jihadists. Timbuktu confirms Sissako as one of the true humanists of recent cinema.


Best Animated Feature Film–Song of the Sea

After being nominated for Best Animated Feature Film for The Secret of Kells in 2010, Director Tomm Moore returns to the Oscars with Song of the Sea, another stunning piece of hand-drawn animation inspired by Celtic maritime folklore, with magical beings who live as seals in water and humans on land.


Best Animated Short Film –The Dam Keeper

From USA, the Dam Keeper, directed by Robert Kondo and Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi, tells a tale between a fox and a pig with vibrant and exciting colors. It will be included in the World Animation programme in this year’s HKIFF.

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The 39th HKIFF collaborates once again with four international filmmakers For the Beautiful 2015 omnibus

13 February 2015 (Hong Kong) – The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS), has collaborated once again with reputable international film directors to produce the micro-movie omnibus Beautiful 2015, _for its world premiere at the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF). _Beautiful 2015 _features four commissioned short films by world-renowned masters, namely _Insomniac Diary _by Huang Jianxin, _Tenant _by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, _Three Days after My Death _by Yim Ho, and _No No Sleep _by Tsai Ming-Liang. The omnibus continues the string of successful _Beautiful _collaborations since 2012, which have featured at a number of international film festivals. All _Beautiful collaborations have been supported by Youku.com, a major internet streaming platform in China which will stream the films online after the theatrical premiere at the HKIFF.  The Beautiful 2015 filmmakers in focus Mohsen Makhmalbaf is an award-winning Iranian film director, writer, and producer who has made more than 20 feature films and won over 50 awards. His most recent film The President premiered at the Venice Film Festival (2014) and has won an award for Best Feature at the Chicago International Film Festival (2014). This year, Mr. Makhmalbaf has been invited to act as Jury President for the HKIFF Young Cinema Competition. The Tenant tells the misadventures of an Iranian boy trying not to lose his bed-sit in London.  Huang Jianxin is a Chinese film director who is considered part of the Fifth Generation of Chinese filmmakers. Huang's films are distinguished from his contemporaries as they tend to focus on urban contemporary life and satirical observations of Chinese bureaucracy, instead of historical period dramas. For his short film Insomniac Diary, _Huang Jianxin contemplates whether it is nobler to sleep, or not to sleep.  Yim Ho is one of the most famous Hong Kong directors of the 1980s and is considered as the leader of the “Hong Kong New Wave” movement during late 1970s and 1980s. His most critically acclaimed work _Homecoming _details the emotions and sympathies towards the relationship between Hong Kong and China. In _Three Days after My Death _Yim Ho creates a parable of a woman who wants to die, but must save someone’s life for her death wish to be granted. _    Tsai Ming-Liang is a Malaysian Chinese film director, and is one of the most celebrated "Second New Wave" film directors of Taiwanese cinema. His films have seen worldwide success and have won numerous awards at international film festivals. Tsai’s awards include a Golden Lion (Best Picture) for Vive L'Amour at the Venice Film Festival in 1994, and the FIPRESCI award for The Hole at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. In his short film No No Sleep, the story follows a bare-footed Lee Kang-Sheng, who walks the streets of Tokyo in the depth of winter.

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Connecting Film Projects with Internationally Prominent Co-production Ventures

The 13th Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum Calls for Submissions

(28 July 2014) Hong Kong – The 13th Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) announced the call for project submissions. HAF will be held from 23-25 March 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Organised by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) and running concurrently with the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART), HAF is a mature and well-established film-financing platform in Asia in its role of connecting filmmakers with film projects to internationally prominent film-industry financiers, bankers, producers, production companies, post-production houses, distributors, buyers, co-production ventures and film festival delegates.

HAF welcomes the submission of fiction and documentary feature length projects from 4 August 2014 through 17 October 2014. Selected projects will be invited to participate in the film financing forum activities in Hong Kong and also stand to compete for awards with a total value over HK$770,000 (approximately US$100,000). An early bird discount is offered to submissions on or before 5 September 2014.

The 12th HAF received over 300 project submissions from 37 regions around the world. During the three-day film financing forum, 780 private business meetings were arranged for the filmmakers of 29 projects consisting of 25 HAF projects and 4 HAF/Fox Chinese Film Development Award finalists.

“HAF proved to be an invaluable platform for producers and filmmakers to bring their projects to the attention of key investors, sales agents, funding institutions and festivals representatives,” said Paolo BERTOLIN of Doha Film Institute who met with HAF filmmakers. “And, the range and quality of projects present at HAF made the trip absolutely worthwhile, confirming HAF to be the essential event to connect with exciting and  contemporary Asian filmmakers.” Charles HWONG, Senior Manager, Acquisitions and Co-Productions of Huayi Brothers International, commented, “there were many interesting opportunities and ideas presented at HAF this year. We hope to follow up on two different projects.”

In addition to meeting key industry players and presenting their respective projects to them, filmmakers also found professional support through their participation at HAF. Taiwan’s CHANG Jung-Chi, the HAF Award (non-Hong Kong project) 2014 winner for Private Eyes, commented, “we received lots of valuable feedback in  funding, the script, and production budget. HAF also provided us with many Press Relation and interview opportunities. HAF is like a home to a new film project, indeed!” YANG Jin, the Chinese director who participated in this year’s HAF, commented, “[HAF] was a very good [project market] to seek opportunities for cooperation.”

The 12th HAF attracted not only up-and-coming filmmakers like CHANG Jung-Chi from Taiwan, but also many award-winning names from other Asian countries. Internationally renowned Filipino filmmaker Brillante MENDOZA, whose HAF 2009 Project, Kinatay, won Best Director at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival, returned to HAF with two projects. Other award-winning names in the 12th HAF included Taiwanese director LIN Yu-Hsien (widely recognised for his box office success Jump! Ashin), Dechen RODER from Bhutan (Special Mention winner at the 17th ifva Hong Kong Awards 2012), Lina YANG (Special Mention winner at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2013), SHENG Zhimin (Best Asian Film NETPAC award winner, Locarno Film Festival) as well as Berlinale award-winning documentary filmmaker Rakesh SHARMA.

Over the past 12 years, HAF has supported and championed up-and-coming filmmakers to realise their film projects. Many HAF projects have been made into films which received international acclaim. Some recent HAF successes include: KAWASE Naomi’s Still the Water (Japan, HAF 2013), selected in the main competition section at the Cannes Film Festival 2014; Nariman TUREBAYEV’s Adventure (France and Kazakhstan, HAF 2013), official selection in competition at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2014; Arvin CHEN’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Taiwan, HAF 2012), selected in the Panorama Section of the Berlin Film Festival 2013; and Flora LAU’s Bends (Hong Kong, HAF 2011) selected for Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival 2013.  HAF 2014’s Angel Whispers (Hong Kong), the joint directorial debut of Hong Kong award-winning actress, Carrie NG and Hong Kong film industry veteran Shirley YUNG, has been completed and will be released soon. For more details on the 13th HAF’s submission procedures, application eligibility and selection criteria, please visit http://www.haf.org.hk, or contact the HAF via email: haf@hkiff.org.hk

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Cine Fan夏日國際電影節2014最新加場消息 十場火速爆滿 加場今日開售

2014年7月24日(香港)── 由香港國際電影節協會主辦的Cine Fan夏日國際電影節,今年特別受歡迎,「去飛」速度較2013年同期增長近兩成,開售短短一星期已錄得10場爆滿,包括今年的開幕電影活地阿倫的《情迷月色下》、麥曦茵的最新作《曖昧不明關係研究學會》(足本導演版)、《她消失以後》及《離開他以後》等,因此決定加場,以饕影迷。



《曖昧不明關係研究學會》︰The Grand Cinema,8月17日下午2時 《亞基拉》︰The Grand Cinema,8月23日晚上9時30分 《她消失以後》︰The Grand Cinema,8月24日晚上8時 《離開他以後》︰The Grand Cinema,8月24日晚上9時50分





夏日國際電影節2014已定於8月12日至26日舉行,門票將於明日起公開發售,公眾可透過網上( www.hkiff.org.hk / www.cinefan.com.hk)訂票,亦可在各大城市電腦售票網購票。

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