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【#CineFan 電影推介】?人生的主題曲是... If your life had a theme song... . ?若人生如音樂,他們奏的是藍調抑或怨曲?在英瑪褒曼的《#夕陽舞曲》裏,夫婦走過愛恨離合,再續垂暮深情?,卻見三代糾結不斷,愛成傷害繼續迴響。 . 在哥斯達加拉斯的《#大控訴》裏,女兒堅信父親清白,但隨一個陳年音樂盒響起,卻發現父親當年的虐殺暴行?。曲終人散,留下的是喜樂或悲歌? . If life is music, what melody do they play?? Ingmar Bergman’s #SARABAND is a tango between Marianne and her ex-husband Johan, who has a life in selfish relationship and is forming new trenches in the battles with his widowed son and the trapped granddaughter ⚔. . Costa-Gavras’ #MUSICBOX is a requiem between Anne and her father, who is accused of another life as a monster having tortured and murdered many innocents ?. . 《夕陽舞曲》SARABAND (29/9 & 28/10): https://bit.ly/2NKyHf2
《大控訴》MUSIC BOX (30/9 & 17/10): https://bit.ly/2MSWSCI . ?節目詳情及購票 Programme & Ticketing: https://bit.ly/2LYNHov .

IngmarBergman #CostaGavras

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